How many hours do you spend daily in commuting to your work? An hour or two with traffic. Traffic has become a major concern for many office goers. Don’t you agree? If you’re working in a metropolitan city then it would take more than an hour to reach your work. Morning on the way to work decides an employee mode. If an employee comes to office irritated or angry it may affect their entire day. Which you surely don’t want, right? 

The companies are coming up with new ideas to make it easy and beneficial for both the employees and the employer. Research shows that Americans are spending 19 days a year on commuting. Remote working is highly promoted in many companies, as it improves productivity. When an employee works in a positive environment surely increases productivity. It saves both time and money. Remote working also promotes a happier work-life and better health.

When you think of remote working, the first thought that comes to your head is working in the comfort of your home. Work from home can be both favourable and unfavourable. While you’re saving on time, if you don’t keep yourself more disciplined you may end up getting your work piled up. So it is important to have a home office to concentrate and finish your work on time.

The home office is not only for remote working professionals, but it can also be for people who are freelancing or setting up or running their own business. These people need their home office to be perfect as they would hold meetings or meet with their clients, customers etc. 

Here are the few essentials you need to set up a perfect home office.

Laptop & Desktop

Be it a business owner or an employee, you need a desktop or laptop to finish your work. Choose depending on your necessity. If you’re a small business owner who can finish your work without a desktop then look for a laptop that satisfies your needs. But if you’re business needs you to have a monitor/desktop then you can bring a monitor that is right for you. According to your requirement, you can have either a single or a dual monitor along with a laptop. 

Desk & Chair

If you’re setting up a home office, it means that you would be spending most of your days or sometimes nights there. So, it is important to have a comfortable desk and chair in your home workspace. Sitting for a long time can create problems for your body such as back pain, neck pain etc. Comfort plays a key role in improving your productivity. 

If you’re not comfortable, your concentration will only be on your discomfort rather than your work. So, it is mandatory to invest in a good desk and chair. You can even design your desk creatively or the one similar to your office as it offers your familiarity and makes you comfortable.

Ventilation & Lighting

Investing in a good chair is important, so is in good ventilation and lighting. You will be cramped up in a place for the whole day. It can affect your health. When your health is affected your work will automatically suffer. If there is no adequate ventilation and lighting in a room, then you would suffer from severe eye strain and headaches.

Bad lighting can put a strain on your eyes and make it difficult for you to read. Lighting and ventilation can have a great impact on your mood and atmosphere. Having plants in your working space may fill it with positive energy and help you in relaxing yourself. They not only add visual interest but make your office space more lively.


High-Speed Internet is important to get your work done effectively. Whether your using desktop, laptop or multiple devices you need fast internet to make all of this seamless and easy. If your internet is reliable and fast, it will allow you to finish your work on time with reduce errors and will keep you ahead of your tasks. 

There are many retailers in the market such as Spectrum. It is an authorised retailer, who offers best deals on TV, home phone and internet. If you have more than one device that needs access to the internet then you can consider a wireless router. See that there is separate internet access or router for your home office. Because sharing common wifi can slow you down and drag your work down. 

If you’re used to storing your data in cloud-based backup services, then see that you have an in-house backup place which makes it easy to store your files. Don’t forget to have a backup of all your data in case of your system failure.

UPS & File Cabinet

Your working from your home office, not from your office. So there are high chances that you will not have access to the generator in case of power failure. So you must at least have UPS. It gives you enough time to save your important documents and shut down your documents. Even if you don’t save your documents physically, you need a file cabinet to save a hard copy and other documents. You can also use the cabinet as your storage space to save your pens, sticky notes, business cards, etc. 


It is important to have a fire- safety equipment in your office. Since there are many important documents in your office. It is essential to make your office fire-proof. You need to have both copies and originals in your home office. You can’t predict a catastrophe, so all you can do is keep yourself prepared for any such situations. Making your home office fire-proof will allow you to become tension and worry-free.


These are some of the essentials you require to make your home office perfect. As your home office is a place where your clients, customers and potential customers will visit you, make sure that the decor of this set-up is simple and eye-pleasing. Other than above mentioned you can also have basic elements such as paper shredder, printer, surge protectors in your office. Simply put, your home office can have all those essentials that can make your work life easy and comfortable. Do your home office has all the above-mentioned essentials? No, get them to set up your perfect home office.