As a freshman, it’s important to familiarize yourself with study resources that will make college life easier. These tools will not only help you complete your assignments on time, but also ensure you learn new concepts faster.

Online studying resources have revolutionized college education. Their convenience and accessibility make learning interesting and memorable. You can use free as well as paid online study resources from the comfort of your dorm room. Since there’s such a wide variety of these resources, you can choose which one to use based on your style of learning and the subject you’re studying at the moment.

Thanks to these resources, you have an easier time navigating college life. Resources like online writing help ensure you submit your assignments on time. Check this website for affordable essay writing services.

1.     Grammarly

As a freshman, Grammarly is a must-have tool for your essay writing. This application ensures that you submit assignments without grammatical errors. It is a useful writing tool that highlights errors in your article as you write. Aside from grammar errors, Grammarly also points out sentences that have issues with their structure.

Not to mention if you’ve plagiarized someone else’s work. Remember, each time you research a subject, you’re supposed to paraphrase as you write, so it doesn’t seem like you lifted someone’s work word for word.

2.     Paper Writing Services

Paper writing services assist college students with their assignments. As a freshman, you don’t want to begin your college life by submitting work late. Online writing help ensures all your assignments are submitted before the deadline.

Aside from essay writing, you can also turn to these websites for editing services. Letting someone else go through your assignment helps you catch errors you otherwise wouldn’t have identified.

3.     Hemingway App

Hemingway App, like Grammarly helps you submit work without grammatical errors. The beauty of this application is that it tracks the readability of your essay. Make sure you use passive voice only when it’s necessary because this tends to interfere with your essay’s readability.

This online editor ensures that every sentence you write makes sense. Amy students tend to focus more on quantity than on the quality of their essays. Hemingway App keeps you in check.

4.     Evernote

If you don’t already have this application, you should seriously consider getting it. It is a note-taking app, but it allows you to do so much more with it. Every college student needs an application that allows then to take notes whenever.

With Evernote, you can access notes you made on your smartphone via your laptop. All you need to do is synchronize all your apps. This tool also helps you to manage your time thanks to the reminder feature. You can also organize to ensure you boost your productivity.

5.     Dragon Dictation

Did you know you can type out an essay without having to type? Well, if you didn’t know this, you should try out the Dragon Dictation app. This is a speech recognition and text editing application that allows you to capture your thoughts in writing without having to type. All you have to do is speak into your phone’s speaker.

As a student with a busy lifestyle, this tool ensures that you have an easier time writing essays. You can easily use your smartphone to write an essay from start to finish.


As a freshman, you should find out all the tools you need to make your college life a little easier. There are countless online tools and resources that ensure you keep track of your academic performance. Make use of all the resources at your disposal to excel.