In 21st century, surfing website is an essential part of individual’s life. As there is more advancement in technology, the number of websites is also multiplying. Nowadays, any layman could start his website without any difficulty. But commencing a website is incomplete without choosing the perfect server. If you don’t know, every website contains a server where all data of that site is stored. The server acts as a host for the website. When it comes to website hosting, undoubtedly, Windows hosting is the best.

Reasons to choose windows hosting

Different reasons to choose this hosting server are as follows:

  1. Perfect for beginners

Nowadays, several people have their website, which are used for various purposes. They may use it for their own blogs or businesses. But for a beginner, anything relating to technology could be overwhelming. For example, when a person is creating his DNS server or configuring Apache, using Linux hosting can be quite tricky. While this hosting server, on the other hand, can handle the above problems quite effortlessly. You have to point and click to use it.

  1. Easy to update:

Frequent updates make the hosting server more efficient and fast. To update the said server, you have to go to Windows update and check for any available updates. If you find one, click the button and wait for the update to complete. Then the computer restarts automatically. If the server is shared, then there will be no downtime during your update.

  1. Accessibility of Microsoft software:

Most websites require Microsoft-related technology. Without the hosting server you cannot access those software and technology. For example, ASP.NET, SQL Server and Active Directory are exclusively available while using windows. When you create a new website, .NET is the best option. It makes your site more prominent and easy to use. On the other hand, Linux hosting doesn’t accommodate any Microsoft related technology.

  1. Great hosting environment for any website:

By using fabulous technologies like .NET, SQL Server and IIS, this server can host any website. The graphical interfaces for most of Windows administration are commendable. There is no need for complicated configuration files. Relevant sites like WordPress only work on Windows. Linux could not host WordPress since it’s impossible to use .NET.

  1. Ensures safety from hackers:

Because Windows hosting is backed by one of the biggest corporations of the USA, it is highly secured. Other hosting servers can’t match up with the level of security that the former ensures.

Apart from all the Microsoft related software and programmers, you can also install MySQL, PHP and other platforms on any windows server. The installation of multiple software makes the windows hosting extremely versatile as it supports varied programming languages and databases.

If you want to make your server private, using UK VPS is a convenient option.  By using this, your website will get limited information which will help your website to run smoothly.  Though using UK VPS is a bit costly, but it will make your site more secure and better to use.