It is very important to check and examine the working of mobile apps in order to satisfy the customers using this app. The major reasons for the failure of the apps are the problems relating to battery issues, loading time, storage capacity, etc. This shows the value of doing testing before launching the different apps. In today’s world, everyone is using so many apps at one time, and for working of these apps simultaneously, we must examine these apps by testing them correctly. With the help of a pCloudy, which is a cloud testing app, functional as well as non-functional testing can be performed with great ease.

Functional testing: This testing ensures that the function of that particular app works in accordance with the needs and specification. While the function testing, we must ensure the app to be user – friendly, so that the users can easily work on these apps without facing any difficulty in using or operating the app. while testing we have to check the results of app. there are different kinds of functional testing which are discussed as follows:

  • Unit testing: under this testing the different parts and units of the application are checked during its developing stage .this testing is done by the software developers, this is the automatic process. This can be done on all kinds of the mobile operating applications.
  • Sanity testing: This testing is done when the developer made some changes and this testing ensures that the application works properly even after making changes into it and it will work properly even in future.
  • Smoke testing: this testing is done to check the stability of the application it involves testing a to z of the application.
  • Regression testing: this testing is done when some advancement is made in the app and this testing is done to check the functionality, this testing aims at solving all types of the issues pertaining to the app.
  • System checking: this testing involves checking of the system, its working and all the software attached to it.

Non Functional Testing- It is done to test the ability of the app to be launched in the market. Here the examiner focuses on the response testing, page loading time. This will examine the app and the working of the app in difficult situations. Non functional testing is further classified into many types. A main type of the non functional testing includes testing the performance of the app, in this testing the ability of a app to operate softly as expected by the user. Safety testing is the most important thing in testing the different applications. Ideal app is the one who is able to secure the user by not allowing any type of spam’s or viruses into the app. it should be free from any type unauthorized examining of the details of the users and the app must be stable. The application is launched or experimented on the small set of people and they are asked to find out all the defects and mistakes or errors and the issues in the application that are being faced by them while using or operating the app.

So, for testing of apps on both the main operating systems – iOS and Android, pCloudy can perform both manual as well as automatic testing to ensure proper functioning of the applications.