The Caesars Casino Slots app is taking over the social media and the mobile devices world. It was created by the same brains who gave birth to Slotomania, and it is now introduced to the world as one of the top company managing casino-style games on line, Playtika. With the mobile version of Caesars Casino, Caesars gamers can interact from all over the world by getting involved with the Las Vegas style atmosphere, while being captured by numerous slots that offer free coins to play every day, along with infinite jackpots, and several possibilities to win free coins and other bonus.

It can be played on mobile devices

iOS, Android and others, they all offer their version of the Caesar Casino Slots app. Who wants to start playing only has to download it. When the account is set up, a bonus of 40,000 free coins gets automatically added to the user’s account for the first time, as a welcome gift. The app is one of the best app for casino games for mobile devices, so much so that it can be downloaded on multiple devices, as long as the profile has been activated. When app users play Caesars Casino on their mobile devices, they will not only play slots, but they will also be offered a variety of other features, such as spinning for daily rewards, getting bonuses and managing to get luckier and luckier with continuous game playing.

It can be played on social media

The Caesars Casino Slots app allows users to become part of an amazing community and play slots all over the world. The thrill of being in a casino can easily be felt and enjoyed live by just sitting in front of computer screens, playing solo or with your friends, without having to go all the way down to the casinos. Those who play can access the app either on a mobile device, may it be a smartphone or a tablet, or simply by entering the games through their social network’s profile. Caesars Casino Slots is a good solution for slots and casino games playing because users can play anytime, anywhere, from any platform hosting the Caesars casino app.


How to play Caesars Casino games

There are several features occurring on the Caesars Games as it was created for the user oriented full experience. The app will provide bonuses and rewards, while free coins will always be available to users who can always earn them, and play some more. About 150 games are available, getting renewed on a regular basis. There are also in app benefits for the users that get rewarded when they hit the big Vegas jackpot. The levels that a gamer can play and pass in order to reach the top are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Royal Diamond and Black Diamond. The games can be played individually –still remaining social, or with friends who can share virtual gifts and much more, although it is always recommended for the games to be played only by adult people.