Smart businesses are always ready to find solutions that will give them an edge over the competition. An edge such as telecommunications equipment that is designed to streamline communications and security within your business. There are many telecommunication solutions available, each suited to different tasks and businesses. You can get a feel for the range available on reputable sites such as  

A qualified professional can give you an in-depth analysis of which technologies and solutions would benefit your business the most, but here is some basic information on the benefits of upgrading your systems:

Intercom System – Intercoms are designed for communicating across the office to individuals or groups. While many businesses have opted for email or instant message apps, intercoms allow for a much more personal touch. This can contribute to a more integrated dynamic with more organic communication between employees at all levels. Another benefit some intercom systems offer is integration with security and access features.

Network Solutions – Keep sensitive and privileged information safe while ensuring a more productive work platform for your employees with a network that is designed to suit your company’s needs. Whether your focus is the integration of multiple systems and workstations or security against outside threats, having the right network can help ensure ease for your employees and dead ends for hackers.

Telephone Exchanges – A good phone system will be efficient and easy to operate and set up. Ensure that your customers or clients can connect with the people and information they need, and your employees aren’t wasting time trying to navigate a nonsensical phone system, by upgrading to a telephone exchange that meets all of your company’s needs.   

Monitoring – While security cameras on entrances and points vulnerability will always be important, it’s worth remembering that monitoring can have other benefits. Thoughtfully placed and executed monitoring technologies can also provide valuable information about the inner workings of your company.

Access Control – Whether it’s a physical space or a digital file, there are parts of your company that should only be accessible to certain people or at certain times. The appropriate access control solution can help ensure that your assets are protected and the chain of access is easily traceable. Which can help you deal with issues from simple mistakes to attacks both physical and digital.

Investments That Pay for Themselves

It’s easy to argue that the investment for new technology is too much to put out at one time. Many companies put off upgrading their systems year after year after year. But it’s not just the threat of being hacked or broken into that is compromising these companies. Businesses around the world are losing valuable time and money as their employees struggle with outdated systems.

Take, for example, just one potential problem stemming from a poorly designed or maintained network. If a company has 15 employees who access an average of 30 files per day and it takes 20 seconds to access a file, that’s nearly 2.5 hours a day wasted on waiting for an outdated system. Over the course of a year, that’s 650 hours or 27 days of unnecessary downtime. And the numbers grow exponentially with every employee and every delay in every outdated or insufficient system in the company.  

Find the Right Fit

The sooner you get the upgrades your business needs, the sooner you’ll start profiting from them. However, it’s important to take the time necessary to find the right solutions and the right provider. Security and communications solutions will look different for a 25-employee design firm than a 500-employee financial firm. Get quotes and recommendations from several reputable companies before making your decision.