If you have a catering business you want to look professional. This makes you more attractive to guests and increases the chances of a successful and profitable business. Printing in your own house style not only contributes to the familiarity of your business. It also helps you radiate professionalism! Below are a number of examples.

Polo shirt with logo

One of the requirements for a successful hospitality business is that your staff looks presentable. Facilitating company clothing is a must. Your employees will be recognizable to the guest. In addition, they form a unity with the rest of your corporate identity. All kinds of garments can be printed nowadays. From a simple polo shirt (translation: polo bedrukken) to chic blouses. Choose the garment that best suits your segment and what you want to convey. 

Make sure you have high-quality packaging material

Do you also do take-away? Then high-quality packaging is very important. Not only will your dishes arrive neatly arranged at the person who orders them. It is also a good business card! For example, get greaseproof paper printed (translation: vetvrij papier bedrukken) for serving or wrapping your dishes. This special type of paper is fat-resistant and ensures that your food remains good longer. It also prevents grease from getting through the paper and thus prevents greasy fingers! You can print the paper in full color with a design of your choice. Greaseproof paper is not only useful for take-away. You can also use it to serve a bowl of French fries or snacks.

Custom made glassware

If you have a restaurant you can also think about custom made glassware. This does not only look chic and professional. It is also free advertising for your business! Chic wine glasses with a logo on it are super Instagrammable and will be shared frequently on social media. Often a logo on the glass has another benefit. In many businesses, the wine is poured up to the logo, so there is never too much in the glass and that saves on purchasing! In addition to wine glasses, you can also customize your beer glasses and other glassware.

These examples will get you a long way in creating a professional image. Good luck!