Many IT professionals are regarding Office 365 as one of the most widely used solutions for email, document storage, and enterprise collaboration. Data in Office 365 is crucial for an organization.

Many assume that in Office 365, keeping your data in the cloud makes it unnecessary to have another copy of the data.

Microsoft Office 365 is geo-redundant, but it is limited to storing the same data in different locations, not a preventative measure. If data is moved, damaged, or deleted accidentally, it can be replicated on all pages without the ability to restore it.

Whether you deliver specific compliance needs for your Office 365 data or need to ensure that an increasing number of users are protected, have full access, and control over the Office 365 environment helps you reduce risk and guarantee availability.

If this data is lost, the company will lose revenue, and some parts of the organization would stand at a total standstill. Because the stakes are going upwards, it is essential to take precautions ahead of time to secure data and recover it if it is lost or damaged.

Microsoft does not provide backup and restore of Office 365. Instead, they encourage third-party vendors to build solutions to this task.

Having a backup and restore solution for Office 365 is vital in the event of a ransomware attack or accidental or even malicious deletion of data by an internal user.

Many options are available, but this article covers the top seven vendors offering Office 365 backup and recovery solutions.

Each provider has its own method of backing up Office 365 and you have to choose wisely before making any purchase.


Veeam is the ultimate backup and recovery solution recently acquired by Insight Partners for a whopping $5 billion. Veeam offers the flexibility of which data to back up and where you want to store it.

Additionally, Veeam backup proxies help speed up data transfer by removing workload from the management server.


Altaro is well known for its excellent backup solutions for Hyper-V and VMware. In 2018, they were adding their cloud-based Office-365 backup solution. Just like their other products, they are straightforward to set up and manage.

The Altaro Office 365 backup solution is a Saas Backup cloud solution, which means it is entirely cloud-based. The advantage of a cloud-to-cloud backup solution is that you do not have to worry about bandwidth, storage capacity, or the protection of your backup server.


Rubrik focuses on speed and ease of management. The Rubrik boasts an adjustment of fewer than two minutes. Although companies would not rush to start quickly, the Rubrik offers a policy-based SLA implementation that would attract companies.

SolarWinds Backup

SolarWinds Backup is another decent backup solution for Office 365. It provides all the standard features, such as Backup only of changed data, standby and transit encryption, and more. It also comes with bells and whistles as WAN optimization to further reduce bandwidth usage.


Acronis specializes in Backup and data recovery for Office 365, virtual machines, and cloud applications. Acronis do not require an agent to be installed on the desktop. Acronis stores backup data in its own data centers.


The Backupify is owned by Datto, a platform that offers services provided by its MSP partners. Backupify has a very focused offer, providing Backup and recovery for Office 365 and GSuite. It does not give a premium backup solution and instead focuses on cloud-to-cloud Backup.

Code Two

Unlike the other vendors listed here that are specialized in backup and restore, Code Two is distributed horizontally, providing email and migration services. Code Two also provides a backup of Office 365 data.