Amazon’s Fire Stick is a fantastic device that allows you to enjoy the best TV experience available today. Alas, even this amazing gadget has its shortfalls. There is, however, a solution to them. In fact, there are several, and these Fire Stick hacks will let you to truly get the most of your smart TV.

Clever Fire Stick Hacks Everyone Should Know

1.      Use a VPN

Using a VPN isn’t so much a hack as an essential step to take for indulging the best of smart tech today. It allows you to hide your location from policing services that monitor the Internet. Meaning, this simple solution enables you to access all geographically restricted services, including live streaming TV.

A VPN also hides what you are watching, thus boosting your privacy and personal digital security. Protecting your connection with this particular trick is so useful, you should consider doing it on all your devices, not only smart TV.

2.      Install More Apps

Originally, your Fire Stick will come with a built-in app library and a block on downloading anything from outside sources. Unsurprisingly, this prevents you from using the most savvy of the apps available.

To overcome this, follow a simple instruction:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Choose System.
  3. Click Developer Options.
  4. Enable ADB Debugging + Apps from Unknown Sources.

Voila, you can now install .apk files like the best video player for Firestick, which means Android apps. 

3.      Install Plex and Kodi

Using Plex and Kodi is one of the basic and most efficient Fire Stick hacks. These simple apps will allow you to stream a huge library of movies, series, and TV shows. You can even  watch live sports and free movies on Firestick with these solutions. Both applications are available on Amazon Store. So, it’s a kind of hack that doesn’t really require you to do any risky tampering with the Fire Stick’s software.

Note that completing the previous step is essential to download and install these apps. Then, you just need to follow instructions provided by the software. There’ll be no coding involved, so everyone can do this.

You can also install apps onto your Fire Stick using your Android smartphone. For this, you’ll need to install Apps2Fire on your phone first.

Kodi Media Center itself opens floodgates for amazing Fire Stick apps you’ll be sure to want to try. Spend some time exploring them all to pick which you need most.

4.      Stream from Smartphone

An Android smartphone and Fire Stick go hand in hand and you can use one to stream on the other. Fire Stick supports the Miracast protocol, which effectively turns your smartphone into a media streaming device.

Note that for this to work, both gadgets must be within the same Wi-Fi network.

You can also control your Fire Stick using a smartphone as a remote. For this, you’ll need to use a specialized app available at the Amazon Store. It’s available for both Android and iOS devices.

5.      Enable Parental Control

Not all Fire Stick hacks have to do with expanding your options to enjoy free TV. This one will protect your kids from the content they shouldn’t be watching yet.

There’s a variety of parental control apps for Fire Stick, so once you enable .apk file download, you’ll be able to install any of them. However, be sure to check how well they perform through reviews. If your kids are tech savvy, you’ll need to look for extra-secure applications that will leave them no loopholes.

Amazon Fire Stick Hacks: Conclusion

Amazon Fire Stick is great you can watch free movies on Firestick, but limited with its default settings. You can easily break through those limits using a variety of apps. Just be sure to remove the block for installing programs from 3-party sources and don’t forget about VPN.