Today, as more and more demand of mobile phones is increasing, the demand for new applications for them is also increasing. Every year so many new applications come and users can download any of them. But there are some applications that are quiet useful for the user but the download available is not for free. The solution for this problem is 9apps.

There are many types of applications that are available for downloading.Some of the top rated games applications in the market are:

  • PUBG: PUBG is the acronym used for player under battle ground. As the name suggests, there are many players that will be left in an area where other players will be playing as well. You need to find weapons and then kill all other players of other teams. It is a live game and you can even talk to your partner while you’re playing. The player who is standing till the last wins the game. This game gives a thriller experience and is the most downloaded game.
  • 8 ball pool: This game is for people who love pool and wants to experience the same thing virtually. The rules of the game are same as the real world pool. It is an online gaming platform and you can play with random people as well challenge your friends and play with them. The amount of the bet is selected by the player only.
  • Temple run 2: This game is similar to the first part of the game. The concept is not a different and as the previous version there is a player who is running from a beast and in the way there are many hurdles/ barriers that need to be passed by the player. Also the player needs to collect the coins that are coming in his/ her way. What is different from the first version of the game is the graphics and the way. The graphics have been improved a lot and the path of running is now even more challenging and fun.
  • Asphalt nitro: Asphalt series is liked by everyone from a long time but the only problem was that it acquired too much space in a phone, almost 1.5GB. But this game has solved the problem of that space. This games takes almost 1/3 space of the previous asphalt games. The graphics are the same and the car race gives you a 3D experience which makes it worth a download.
  • Pokemon Go: This game become famous in a very less time and is best for people who loved the cartoon program “Pokemon”. In this game you have to catch the pokemon in a similar way done in the actual episodes. This game requires the use of internet and location services. You have to check on the application which pokemon is nearby you so that you can catch him. It is a full on time pass game and entertains you to another extent.

9apps had made the download of all the above applications easy. All these applications are available on 9apps without incurring any cost. The use of 9Apps is absolutely safe and all the personal data is also secured.