Teamwork is a key to success for any business — and your office technology should work with you, not against you. While there are a lot of productivity services on the market, Microsoft Office 365 offers some of the best collaborative tools in one easy package.

As an IT professional, you’re likely familiar with the Office Suite. Its prevalence in offices across the world is a testament to its functionality and usability. But new updates to Office 365 have made it more of a collaborative powerhouse than ever before, and it has reduced the need to subscribe to multiple costly services.

So whether you’re switching from another software or just upgrading — Microsoft is phasing out support for Office 2010 — here’s a look at the latest in real-time collaboration features from Office 365 and why it might be the best option for you:

File sharing and team editing

Office 365 offers users Microsoft Teams, a chat-based workspace where you and your coworkers can access and edit files. No more emailing documents to multiple people, waiting for replies and then consolidating all the separate edits. Work together in real-time to get your projects off the ground easier and faster.

You can also host video calls and live or scheduled meetings. And when paired with apps like Microsoft Stream, Microsoft Sway and Microsoft Kaizala, Office 365 lets you transfer and edit large video files without compromising quality or time.

Joint calendars and analytics

Analytics are crucial for sustaining and growing any business. And time is money, so you should be keeping track of how you and your team are maximizing their time and effort.

Microsoft MyAnalytics offers invaluable insights into how you and your team spend their time and who they’re collaborating with. The tool helps you examine your work patterns and points out where you can afford to improve without you hovering over shoulders or desks.

Messaging and alert connectivity

Communication can be the difference between a successful business and a mediocre one. Keeping in touch with your team is easy with Microsoft StaffHub, a cloud-based application that works with Office 365 to let managers and employees message each other about their hours and their projects. Using mobile devices, laptops or desktops to request time off, trade shifts, create announcements and message coworkers privately — all within one app.

Graph and form building

Office 365 has a number of tools that will help you and your team put data and reports into informative and eye-catching graphs or charts — because who wants to read another long report?

And for those who source information or clients, Microsoft Forms lets you create custom quizzes, surveys, questionnaires, registrations, and more, quickly and easily. Plus, it will organize and evaluate responses for you.

Office 365’s latest upgrade can help empower, inspire and engage your team. If you want additional information on Office 365’s collaborative tools, here’s an in-depth guide to how it would work in your office.