In the United States, data professionals earn an annual income of up to $120,000. They are typically those experts in software development, machine learning, and data science. However, with the ever-changing online business landscape, demand for these skills keep on growing. Companies are looking for qualified applicants to fill the available positions in their companies. A good way of increasing your chances of getting hired for a better job position is having impressive credentials. Finishing an online masters in data science is one of the best ways to acquire advanced skills in data science that would boost your resume in the eyes of the recruiters.

So what are the highest paying data science jobs you can apply for today if you want to earn more? Here’s a list of the top 5 data science jobs that can provide you with better income:

1.Big Data Engineer. This job analyzes massive volumes of data in order to turn them into valuable insights needed for the betterment of business operations. Big data engineers are skilled in procuring, analyzing, and reporting data which is important for the organization. Given this position, you can earn up to $196,000 which may increase in the future.

2.Data Architect. If you’re given this job, you are tasked to design and maintain data while you strategize and develop the best models for the desired results. With the top knowledge and skills possessed by data architects, they typically are in C-level positions in the company. On that note, this will help you earn up to $184,000 and more in the next few years.

3.Data Warehouse Manager. Some of the responsibilities of a data warehouse manager is to keep massive volumes of data in a safe facility. You need to apply the most convenient data management tools in order to ensure their protection 24/7. Given this role, you can make an income of up to $179,000.

4.Database Manager. To maintain databases and resolve data issues are the two main tasks of database managers. They also manage database hardware to ensure compatibility and up-to-date systems as well as software. If you want to work as a database manager, you can be compensated up to $155,000.

5.Business Intelligence Analyst. As the name suggests, business intelligence analysts are people who are tasked to analyze data and make them a useful guide in managing the business. They are also expected to create detailed data reports to understand the current patterns, modernization methods, and trends of the data industry. Business intelligence analysts currently earn $145,000.

This list may change because some positions increase their rate every two to three years. If you want to earn more money from your profession, make sure to keep your skills up to date. Typically, high-paying data science jobs require topnotch skills, knowledge, and tools in order to stay ahead of the competition.