Search engine optimization tools offer an array of benefits to website owners. It doesn’t matter what type of site you run, SEO tools can be used to help improve your rankings, make navigating and implementing SEO strategies easier and they can improve your bottom line. However, not all SEO tools are created equal, nor do they all cost money to use. With that said, below are the top six free SEO tools.

1. Duplicate Content Finder

This is a duplicate content finder, which you should use to check for duplicate content on your website. As your website grows and the more content that gets published onto it, the more of a chance you have of publishing duplicate content. This is especially true if you are the only one that posts content to your site. Duplicate content can hurt your rankings, even if you’re the one who wrote the original content, which is why checking for duplicate copies is important.

Siteliner is simple to use. All you do is place your URL into the search box. After you do this, the tool will get to work.

2. Website Speed Analyzer

GT Metrix will analyze your website’s speed, which is an important ranking factor. These days people want to have virtually instant access to content. If your site loads slowly, the chances are your visitors will quickly leave your site.

The bottom line is you want your site to load up fast. It doesn’t matter what devices your visitors are accessing your site from, speed is important. The faster your content uploads, the better.

3. 301 Redirect checker

This is one of the best free SEO tools around and it is a 301 redirect checker. It will let you check status codes with ease and you’ll be able to check redirect chains. This tools makes it easy to check for 301 redirects and to quickly make changes when needed.


4. Schema Markup Generator

SEO Chat has a great list of schema tools you can use, and it is important to use a schema markup generator because you can easily and quickly markup your pages with data. It’s a bit complicated, but when it’s all said and done the tool may improve your rankings because several search engines look at markups when they are trying to improve search results. Go ahead and use several markup tools and see how well they work for you.


5. Local Search Generator

This is a unique SEO tool because you can simulate a Google search via different devices and locations. In short, it can help you search for things as if you were searching from a different location. It’s fast, free and fun to use.


6. Website Grader

This SEO tool is exactly what it sounds like, a tool that grades your website. This is extremely useful because you’ll learn where you can improve your site. This can help improve your rankings both in the short-term and the long-term.

Keep in mind those are only a handful of the many SEO tools around, and they don’t cost any money to use. However, some tools have more advanced features that do cost money to access, but many of the tools provide enough information to help you take action to improve your rankings. Go ahead and check out all of the above SEO tools and decide which ones you should use, but we recommend using all of them. All you have to do now is use those tools regularly and before you know it, your website could end up dominating the search results.