Smart locks are advantageous over traditional locks.they can be remotely controlled via a smartphone, and you can tell who is using your door. Additionally, it can also be connected to other home security systems such as video doorbells and security cameras. Well, before we get into our main subject, it is essential to understand what you should be looking for before buying a smart lock.

•  Lock types and styles

Locks are generally categorized as lever style locks and deadbolts. A deadbolt has a touchpad, or you will be required to use a separate lever when opening it. On the other hand,lever-style has a keypad, the keyhole and the lever under a single unit. Besides most of the smart locks comes in various finishes which gives you a variety to choose from.

•  Keypad

Another important consideration is the keypad. Some models such as Kwikset kevo deadbolt locks the keyboard. Therefore, you will be required to use your smartphone (these devices can be controlled by mobile apps like Apple HomeKit) or the key when unlocking it. The keypad allows you to assign codes to different people such that it is not necessary to hand them the physical key.

•  Alarm
It is another essential feature to check on. A built-in alarm will alert you when an intruder tries to open the lock forcibly.

•  Smart home compatibility

Smart locks are efficient since you can easily control and monitor them using your smartphone.

Top-3 smart lock Kwikset

Kwikset offers the best home kit which provides security surveillance in your home. Let us look at some of the best locks that you can get for your home.

Kwikset kevo contemporary

It is available in four finishes which include: satin nickel, polished chrome, Venetian bronze, and iron black. It integrates other range of smart home devices to give the best performance. It has attractive features, and if you want to get the best out of this lock, you will require to pay for a premium package.

•  It offers first class installation experience
•  It is simple to use
•  It has a selection of finishes and modern design
•  eKey sharing makes it convenient to use among your family and friends
•  It offers a comprehensive selection of third-party integrations.

•  It has limited features
•  You will be required to pay additional 100$ to access smart home integration and remote access.
•  Bluetooth connectivity is not reliable.

Kwikset contemporary SmartCode deadbolt (910CNT ZW)

It has an electronic keypad which grants access to over thirty home users without having to duplicate the keys. It can be installed within a short time using Allen wrench and a screwdriver, but you will also require the Z-wave system. Its programming and performance are relatively good though you have to remove the cover to get programming button and unscrew two hex nuts which make this process more complicated.

Besides, you can create a unique code for the number of users who will be accessing the door. Its button response is excellent, and you will not experience cases whereby the door fails to open. Furthermore, the red backlights make it easy to read the button in the dark which is also an impressive feature.

•  It is easy to install
•  It is quite
•  It is keyless

•  It is expensive
•  It has no dedicated app
•  It entails inconvenient programming procedure

        Kwikset 912 SmartCode electronic with Tustin lever

Kwikset has earned itself a good reputation because of its stylish innovations, designs, and security features. Well, this smart-lock is one of its reliable products. It is Z-wave enabled, and it is affordable. It has more than four passcodes which you can access it from a remote place. Alternatively, you can also disable the codes if you sense any intrusion.


•  It has a secure installation system which you can do it on your own.
•  You can use it on your exterior doors to provide the desired security
•  It has a back-lit keypad for visibility especially when it is dark
•  It can fit almost all the standard door because of its adjustable latch
•  It automatically locks itself within 30 sec.

•  It offers a lifetime warranty on mechanical components and a one year warranty on electronics
•  It is a perfect solution for a lock required in offices, home, storage room etc
•  It is durable and affordable
•  It has a smart key technology system
•  It has an alarm system, and you can receive an email alert if you enter the wrong code repeatedly.

•  It is a bit noisy
•  It is not useful without Z-wave
•  You will have to make extra payments for internet connection.