There are dozens of messengers these days, but not all of the top ones are suitable for business needs. experts say that some lack privacy, some don’t have a requisite community, and it correlates with my view. So, today I’d like to introduce you some relatively unknown, but useful apps for biz communication.

GroupMe – gather people to manage

This great messenger is made by the American company, so its features work best only in the US. Its main specialty is an option of creating comfortable distribution lists to deliver group messages. The app is available as for all mobile platforms, as for PC and Mac, so nothing is going to let employees shrink from reading your mailing.

Some would say that GroupMe doesn’t really differ from any other apps, where you can create group chats and so on. At some point it’s true, but this soft has some unique hints. Imagine yourself having an important chat, where you explain employees the main target for the coming day. Some guys catch it, while a bunch of others asks too many questions. Now to break your team’s spirit you should say some individual directives. GroupMe has an option of fast jumping between receivers without tapping far away from the main chat.

Sharp – Tinder for business

According to, this one won’t help you rule a corporation, but there’s another important root of business communication. Meeting new professionals! It has always been the secretary job to look for them, but now you can meet new potential partners on the go without third-party assistance.

Sharp has a comfortable browser which lets you find possible future employers and employees anonymously. Make a research, match those users who look promising, and write them to arrange a meeting in real life. It’s a Tinder-like model of networking, which has an appropriate community.

The difference between Sharp and, for instance, LinkedIn lies in the ratio of time and money. Relations which you make in this app are more likely to bring profit to both sides, than other networking services. The more people from the app you know, the more useful offers you get every day. Average matches frequency equals 10 per day which is very good.

Bumble – attract business partners with visuals

This one is not as straightforward as previous two, but team claims that this app may help find some additional relations for business. Its ecosphere is designed mostly for personal relationships. Women are supposed to initiate connections by making the first move. How can you use it for business networking? I found out that there’s a special BFF settings menu, which lets you navigate between casual users who are interested not only in dating.

To my mind, Bumble lacks an option of writing a text description of one’s intentions and preferences. You can only see pictures of someone life and interests which is not always enough to find out what kind of business connections does a person have. However, it looks like an extraordinary way of meeting new people for cooperation informally. That’s why I decided to include it in the review.


You never know where the brilliant partnership may come from, so usage of apps like this is close to obligatory. Make your distant company management more efficient with GroupMe and look for new relations with Sharp and Bumble. It won’t take long, because users there are very active and they are often likely to message you first.