The current economic climate is uncertain, as COVID-19 threatens every nation and individual. Many companies looking to protect their bottom line and their employees have moved to remote operations, with thousands of jobs now being down from kitchen tables, living rooms, and home offices. For this effort to be successful, you may want to add the following tools to your arsenal.

Time Management Software

The honor system isn’t going to be very effective when your employees are scattered across the region. A time management software can help track labor hours, monitor productivity, and report on which remote workers have the most continuous and consistent effort.

Governance, Risk, and Compliant Management

In this new normal, it is going to be crucial that your corporate governance is utilizing policies and management strategies that continue to align your activities with the big picture goals. GRC Management practices, like the ones offered by Mitratech, bring all aspects of risks and corresponding regulations into constant analysis for improvement and response as necessary.

Video Conferencing

Remote employees will still need to be led, and with tools like Skype, Zoom, or GoToMeeting, you can still conduct deep collaborative or advising sessions. Video conferencing provides a feeling of connectedness that is more personal and effective than dozens of emails or Trello boards.

VoIP Service

Staying in contact with each member of your department requires a communication option that can span the distance. With a VoIP provider, your employees have digital communication access anywhere they are connected to WiFi. Some of your employees may not have a cell phone that they are willing to use for business or that may not have a reliable signal wherever they are working. A VoIP is a quick setup with reliable results.

Confluence Wiki

When you are dealing with employees being spread out, you may have a harder time keeping all the teams functioning in harmony. With a tool like Confluence Wiki, you can keep everyone on the same page. This is a storage site that allows you to keep project specs, meeting notes, ongoing processes, and onboarding materials in one location that everyone can assess through the interlinking divisions.

Remote Accounting Solutions

It may be easier for your company to transition all things financial to a remote accounting company or program. There are some companies that offer part-time, interim, or project-based services that can handle both client transactions and employee payroll functions.

You may not get a lot of notice concerning the need to move your company to remote operations, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be successful with it. The right tools will make a difference.