Technology is making the world of online casinos evolve on a permanent basis. Today, the main consideration for this type of website is to become as trustworthy and reliable as possible. That is why a greater number of them have started offering live dealers to their clients. Let’s look at how technology affects online casinos today.

The Introduction of Live Dealers

The days when having a great software was sufficient to attract clients is long gone. That’s a good thing for the players who use these websites, as things are getting more and more exciting for them. No matter which industry you look at today, you can be sure that technology has come in and changed something about it, one way or another.

Online gambling is not any different from the others. Especially since this is an incredibly competitive industry which pushes them to find new solutions and new offers for their clients constantly. Today, two of the technologies that players are looking for are virtual reality gaming and live dealers which you can find at betiton.

Being Social Again with Other Players

Why did online casinos make the decision to add live dealers? Because they want to reassure people on the legitimacy of the game; that they are not being played by a computer who already knows their hand and their bet.

The fact is there are still a large number of individuals that do not trust random number generators. This can easily be proven since the arrival of live dealers grew exponentially the number of players. But this growth is not just about being able to believe in the process; it’s also about being social again. People can now communicate with the others “around the table” which is bringing back the fun element of going to a casino.

How does it Work?

To explain it in a few words: The players actually see what is going on. That means that they can hear and see everything that is happening while they play. The image on the screen shows real cards being dealt, a real roulette wheel spinning and real dice getting thrown on a crap table.

In some cases, it is even possible for the players to discuss with the live dealer, which brings them back virtually to sitting on a stool in a real casino. And yet, they can still benefit from the comfort of their home, which is great as long as they don’t expect any comp drinks…