What is guest posting? It is whereby writers who have their own their own blogs write for a different site or a blog mentioning the author and their blog at the end of an article. The content has to be original of course. If you visit https://serpbook.com/ you will find that among the most effective inbound marketing strategies is guest posting.

According to data from Social Marketing Writing, 62.96 percent of the people regard blogs that have two or more writers more credible as compared to the ones that have a single writer. New research by HubSpot has found that guest blogging as an inbound marketing tactic, does not only drive traffic to your site but also increases your revenue tremendously.

To win your target audience, you should consider starting to write content for other sites and you will reap the benefits.

Advantages of guest blogging 

  1. Exposure to the target audience

Traffic is the backbone of any online business. By writing for other sites, you will arouse the audience interest and you will instantly get traffic flowing to your website. Remember that quality is paramount: it is the only way that you will get the desired traffic.

Incorporating a few tricks to this could make everything even better. Optimize Call-To-Action (CTA) and your site’s landing pages to heighten the chances of getting conversions.

  1. It will increase the number of followers you have on social media

You can count on guest blogging to boost your social media followers: which is good for your brand. An increased following means that your lead generation efforts will be more effective.

How does it work? Contributing to another blog automatically makes the particular blog uphold your brand, which is a good look: that is, in the eyes of their followers. Also, you are not restricted from creating links to your social media pages on the guest page.

Through this, you will effortlessly earn the trust of the audience and turn them into your loyal and active followers. Be kind enough to constantly produce content that they would love to engage with.

  1. Create brand awareness

This is an opportunity to let your target audience know what your brand is all about. Guest blogging is potent in creating brand awareness which is a vital ingredient for establishing authority.

Remember to also inspire your brand voice to every single post that you submit. This is to create familiarity and authenticity such that your audience will be able to recognize your post regardless of where you present your guest post.

  1. Generation of quality leads

Well, here you need to be objective when picking the guest blog. You should not just go for any blog that avails itself. It has to be relevant. What does this mean? Pick a site that already has steady traffic flowing, and also one whose audience would be interested in your offering as a brand.

Be careful not to waste the audience time by submitting links to other blogs that are not aligned to their interests.

  1. Feedback

According to a study done by Cint, 62 percent of consumers prefer buying from a brand that pays attention to their opinion. New research also emphasizes the importance of customer feedback. Feedback from the audience may be what you need to take your site to the next level.

Guest blogging allows you to engage with an active community, where there are contributors. If you pay attention to the comment section, you will get useful feedback from the contributors. And who knows? Among the contributors may be experts whose opinions would be an asset to your work.

Such insight will help you in refining your strategies for better results. To get more contributors, you can use CTAs to get them to participate more.

  1. Hone your content marketing skills

Practice makes perfect. Your writing needs to be perfect before being allowed to do a post for a guest blog. This means that you will have to continually embark on a journey of research to have it right. More so, you will be required to conduct an influencer outreach and practice different brand voices.

A combination of all those efforts will sharpen your content marketing skills, which will be beneficial to your own posts. Your growth in all aspects of content marketing will reap long-term benefits for your blogs.

It is easier to learn practically than reading.

  1. Building your backlinks

The most successful way of growing your business is creating an organic traffic. And one of the best ways to do so is by using backlinks. Most of the blogs will not give you monetary remuneration for writing for them. Instead, they will allow you to post at least one link in their site.

Make that your chance to shine. You SEO will benefit in a way that payment in cash would not have. Note that a link originating from an authoritative blog is a jackpot. Which is why you should at all times target websites that are of your niche.

  1. Networking

Networking with influencers can prove to be a difficult task. Especially around the time that there was no such thing as guest posting. It is much easier now. The comment section of the blog posts will give you the opportunity to grow your personal network.

You can secure partnerships with influencers: all that is required of you is being active. Make it your business to share posts, respond to questions or even reach out to prospects.

  1. Trigger social media shares

Do you want to extend your outreach? Then you should consider generating more social media shares. If your brand is extensively shared,  your audience will be more compelled to also share it.

If you are working for a post or blog that has a healthy social media activity, it is obvious that a lot of sharing will also be going on. This means good for your brand, and to make the most out of this opportunity you should integrate content that is highly shareable: graphic visual representation could work well.