Anyone attempting to navigate the web without dependable security software is playing a dangerous game. With viruses, malware and hackers lurking around every corner and waiting to pounce, shrugging off security software opens internet users to an expansive array of threats. As such, it’s in the best interest of individuals who value online security to consider the benefits of the aforementioned software. Of course, this isn’t to say that security software is a “one size fits all” affair. While some software will dutifully meet your online security needs, other programs will consistently fall short. To ensure that you don’t get stuck with a lemon, consider the following factors when shopping around for the right software.

Favorable Reviews

When scouring the web for the right security software, make a point of checking out reviews for any product that piques your interest. In addition to seeking out comprehensive write-ups from prominent tech publications, take care to peruse an assortment of consumer reviews. While these reviews may lack the panache and cohesive tone of professional articles, they can provide you with a solid of understanding of a product’s various pluses and minuses.

When making your way through relevant reviews, it’s important to remember that every piece of security software is bound to incur a few unfavorable reviews. In some instances, displeased reviewers will have legitimate complaints. In others, they may simply have an ax to grind. However, if you discover that bad reviews far outweigh good ones, it’s probably best that you start considering another product.

Consistent Updates

Any security program worth its salt will provide users with consistent updates. In the digital age, cybercriminals are constantly stepping up their game – and it behooves responsible software developers to keep up with them. Updates are typically released in response to new and emerging threats, which is why the most reliable security programs provide users with multiple updates per week. Software that fails to do this is unlikely to offer maximum protection against the latest threats.

Of course, to get the most out of your preferred software, you’ll need to install new updates as they become available. Allowing them to pile up increases your vulnerability to a growing assortment of threats, so if you fail to install updates in a timely manner, you’re essentially opening yourself up to attack. To prevent updates from being put on the backburner, consider enabling your software’s automatic update feature. For maximum effectiveness, take care to install operating system updates posthaste. Like security software updates, many O.S. updates are created in response to various cyber threats.

Responsive Tech Support

Even with the most dependable security software, you’re liable to come across the occasional glitch or point of confusion. Since few things are more frustrating than attempting to tackle these issues alone, it’s recommended that you invest in software from a company that offers responsive home tech support – be it by phone or online. Knowing that a knowledgeable expert has your back can make dealing with tech issues considerably less daunting. Having access to 24/7 tech support can be a tremendous boon to anyone who prefers to leave their tech issues in the hands of capable professionals. Responsive tech support stands to save you a substantial amount of time, money and energy, so if you value any one of these things, choose wisely when searching for the right software.

Comprehensive Protection

With the number of cyber threats increasing by the day, any security program you invest in should offer protection against an expansive array of dangers. For example, dependable security software will help stave off viruses, malware and hackers. The right program will be able to identify these threats immediately and stamp them out in a timely manner. The larger the protective net, the safer you’re likely to feel online. On the flipside, the fewer threats a program guards against, the more likely you are to require the aid of additional software.

It’s no secret that the internet can be a dangerous place. Despite the fact that we rely on it for an ever-expanding array of everyday tasks, there’s no denying that the web has an abundance of seedier elements. That being the case, no internet user can afford to go without dependable security software. A small investment on your part can pave the way for long-lasting online security and tremendous peace of mind.