Social media has become the core of every modern business. What better way to grow your business than being in direct contact with your target audience on social media platforms? Now, the holiday season is upon us and businesses are considering which approach is the best approach to maximize conversions and capitalize on consumers’ increased willingness to make purchases. However, just because consumers are more willing to buy during the holiday season, it doesn’t mean they aren’t picky.

In fact, consumers still have expectations, needs and preferences when it comes to holiday promotions and custom offers. Businesses that are the most creative during the holidays will be able to attract the most customers and increase their sales. On the other hand, businesses that aren’t quick or innovative enough will fall behind their competitors and will have to re-think their approach for the next holiday season. Each year, the number of social media users increases, creating more opportunities for businesses to thrive. That being said, here are a few holiday strategies for increasing social media growth.

Conduct market research

Market research is an essential activity for every effort on social media. By conducting thorough market research, you can gain valuable information about market trends, social media audience, your competitor activities and more. This is especially important when the number of users on social media starts to grow. New users mean new opportunities to win them over, especially since they’re still unfamiliar with all the brands that are competing on social media networks.

You have to determine which consumer demographic is experiencing an increase in users, in order to develop the right approach. Also, by looking closer into the demographic spike, you’ll be able to identify which holiday requires a particular focus, in order to ensure the success of your campaign. That way, you can make more strategic decisions based on the information you’ve gathered, instead of guessing what’s the best course of action.

Engage the new audience

One of the most crucial factors in winning over new customers is to engage with them. The best way to approach new potential customers is to ask for feedback. That way, you can learn about their preferences and needs, in order to shape your messaging the right way and develop holiday promotions that will encourage new consumers to buy. Don’t hesitate to ask customers about various things but make sure you’re not too intrusive about it.

Instead of trying to extract the information out of your audience, try encouraging them to give it away on their own. For example, conduct surveys, post polls, start a Q&A event or some other activity that will encourage your audience to share valuable information. That way, you can learn essential things about customers that will help improve your efforts during the holiday season. Also, if you run out of ideas, you can simply ask your audience. After all, modern consumers appreciate companies that want to learn more about their customers’ pain points.

Listen to the audience

Social media platforms are designed for social activities, meaning people will talk about almost everything and voice what they like or dislike. By listening to your audience, you can learn a lot about what they think and say about your company. In order to achieve that, you can consider leveraging reliable social mention monitoring. This metric allows you to track conversations your audience is having about your company in particular.

The main reason this metric is important is that it allows you to understand how your audience perceives your company or brand. If the sentiment in which your company is being mentioned isn’t favorable, you have time to improve your efforts before the holiday season and ensure you won’t lose any customers to your main competitors. You can also track conversations, in order to maintain your reputation and ensure no negative reviews or comments will further hinder your future business operations.

Leverage the latest technology

As mentioned before, businesses that are innovative and creative during a holiday season are more likely to gain an advantage over their competitors. By leveraging the latest technology to interact with customers, you can ensure that their attention is focused on your company. A good example of that is leveraging chatbots. Chatbots are computer programs that are powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and its machine learning, deep learning and natural language recognition capabilities.

In other words, they can simulate and mimic human behavior in order to interact with consumers and provide them with an exceptional customer experience, service and support. What’s more, chatbots exist on messaging apps, which is an advantage because the majority of social media users are present on networks via mobile devices. Your chatbot can interact with customers and learn valuable information about them that will help design personalized promotions. Moreover, they can operate 24/7 and engage with multiple consumers at once.

Focus on the visual content

Content is the key to driving customer engagement and ensuring customer attention on social media. However, visually enriched content has more power on social media than simple articles or text-based posts. If you want to win over new customers and ensure your holiday promotion’s success, you’ll simply have to focus more on visual content. As a matter of fact, quality visual content can generate 37% more engagement from your audience while content views can go up 48% if your content contains both images and videos.

When talking about video, this format is very popular on social media. For example, product videos can be especially beneficial if you want to help consumers familiarize themselves with your products. That being said, 90% of consumers these days state that product videos are helpful in decision making and 64% of consumers are more willing to make a purchase after watching a product video. Therefore, if you want to further boost audience engagement for the holiday season, make sure your visual content is up to the task.

Nowadays, there are over 2 billion active users on Facebook alone and that’s just a single social media network. Every year, more and more people start using social networks due to their convenience and benefits. Every business that wants to win over new customers must be ready to approach them and the best way to do so is during a holiday season.