As a student, studying occupies most of your life.  However, even though studying is necessary, it doesn’t have to be boring. Studying can be fun with the great studying apps which you can easily download on your phone, laptop or computer. Regardless of the way you intend to obtain your education, be it a traditional university, taking an advancing career course or studying online, these study apps can enable you to be on top of the game. You can get the apps by purchasing though some are free. The apps are not very expensive but is advisable to do some market research, for you to get the most appropriate app for your study at the best price. Below are some of the top study apps:

IStudiez Pro Legend

IStudiez Pro Legend is great study app you can acquire through Mac app store or ITunes, Google Play store. The app is compatible with Android devices, iPhone as well as iPod. This apps come with many features that help you to be more organized and includes overview screen, sync for multiple platforms, notifications, integration with Google calendar, assignment organization, grade tracking as well as a planner. The apps also avail free cloud sync to all your devices. IStudiez Pro Legend is free on iTunes but you have to buy for Windows.


MyStudyLife is a free study app you get from Google play for android as well as apps store, Windows, and iPhone. The apps allow you to store information about your classes, homework as well as exams on the cloud, which you can access from any device at any place. The app also enables you to access the data offline which come in handy when you lose the Wi-Fi connection. In addition, you can set your task, notifications and sync the information on multiple devices. The apps will give you notification for the upcoming exams, unfinished homework and task as well as the class schedule. The best thing about the apps is that is free and will take care of your budget.


XMind is a great app when you want to discuss and brainstorm the assignment to map out new ideas and interpret information. The app will help the student in research and in the management of ideas. XMind helps the ideas to flow and comes with free edition even though you have to pay for the other versions. Using the app, you can utilize organization and logic changes, projects, matrix chart as well as multiple templates for the week plan. There is a version 8 which goes for $79, and the pro version which runs for $99 per year.

Dragon Anywhere

Dragon Anywhere is a good student companion when you want to record your notes. The apps allow you to dictate your content by speaking into your gadget. You can subscribe for the app anywhere at$15 a month. After subscription, you can log in from any place using the free application to dictate your content. The apps automatically switch off if you pause for 20 seconds and continue prescribing as long as you talk. You can share the content you dictate to with other applications you have. Also, you can add your most spoken words using the app’s user-defined dictionary.

Apart from these there are other apps that provide homework help answers and there are others that allow teachers and students to interact. You should do your research and find the best ones for you.