Quality control software

Quality control plays a fundamental role in any industrial production process. It deals with the detection of the presence of errors with the idea of ​​reducing costs and improving the quality of the manufactured products, in such a way that they are more competitive. On the other hand, there are mandatory quality controls. This is the case of the HACCP studies, mandatory in the European Union for dairy products. And this is where the quality control software has to be located. This is designed to assist the computer during the process of quality control of the products.

The Quality Control solution manages all the documentation and processes necessary to perform an effective control, guaranteeing the level of quality required by the company in the purchase and production circuits.

From the managerial point of view, it manages to increase the quality of the productreduce costs derived from its follow-up and eliminate the possibility of customer complaints by increasing the number of future purchases.

The integration of the information flows of this solution with other areas such as purchasing, production and sales management and inventory allows the user to know all the documentation and information related to the quality of each operation.

In this way, it minimizes the risk of delivering products or materials out of standards and allows detecting ambiguities, facilitating decision making and taking actions to avoid claims or non-conformities.

Likewise, it allows registering the incidents regarding the quality of the products and analyzing the data later through attractive graphs, reports and lists.

The Quality Control solution is made up of the modules of Basic Quality Control and Advanced Quality Control, and includes the regulations on quality control by attributes and variables and UNE (ISO) standards.

Among the many advantages it offers, it is worth mentioning: control by variables as well as control of rejections and non-compliances parameterized by the user; possibility of writing evaluation letters via Word; display of graphics and history of suppliers with classification; ability to have multiple parameterized technical sheets…

The Quality Control solution it also offers other utilities, among which it should be noted: possibility of estimating the quality index of each test to obtain statistics of the supply level of each supplier or production; generation of audits and questionnaires from fully dynamic suppliers; statistics display; comparative evaluation of suppliers; batch entry: by trial version input frequency (daily, biweekly, monthly …) or by first batch reception; different models of test reports; multiple criteria for assessing the validity of measurements; monitoring of the employees responsible for the analysis; control of personnel shifts; review of inspection levels; availability of links to access the technical files of related documentation; possibility of associating images by product,

With the Quality Control solution, your company can:

  • Effectively perform quality controls onboth purchased products and own manufacturing, providing greater security to their circuits.
  • Record the incidents regarding the quality of the productsto later visualize and analyze the data through attractive graphs, reports and lists.
  • Quickly and efficiently perform multiple tasks: quality controlreviews, generation of lists, evaluation letters to suppliers, control of staff shifts, etc.