Online casinos have taken off well in the past two decades to become a billion dollar industry. This sector has overtaken the brick and mortar industry to become the most sought after by gamers across the globe. The ease of access and numerous options provision stand as the prime reasons for this success. Online gambling has been further propelled into fame by the widespread use of mobile devices that continues to see new users with every waking day.

Online gaming may have many advantages for players, but casinos have to work a lot harder to get clients to try out their services. The existence of online gaming destinations in the thousands means that players are spoilt for choice. Therefore, simply setting up a site and offering games does not cut it on the platform. This has made them go an extra mile to offer bonuses and promotions. These offers work to charm new players to try out one site over others and keep them coming back. Their provision has been done for so long and by nearly all casinos that they have become part of gambling culture. For most players, it is among the first things to consider when selecting an online casino.

Bonuses have evolved to take numerous shapes and sizes. Some are widespread and can be found in nearly every casino while others are tailor-made for specific sites. These bonuses carry various features that help players get more playtime, and some of the popular ones include:

  • Match promotions

Match promos grant players a percentage of the amount that they deposit in the casino. Thus, the amount the player invests determines what they will get as a reward. For instance, a casino can offer a one hundred and fifty matchup, which will provide one hundred and fifty dollars for a one hundred dollar deposit. Match rewards can start as low as twenty-five percent and go as high as five hundred depending on the gaming site.

Match promotions are accompanied by various terms and conditions of claim and use such as those that come in Rizk Casino with welcome bonus. One of the most featured is the minimum amount that is used to trigger the bonus. In addition, they state the maximum amount that a player can get. Therefore, the offer can read as a one hundred percent match reward of up to one thousand dollars. This means that any amount higher than the one thousand dollar mark is not considered in the bonus.

  • Free Spins

Free spins are the most popular bonus offerings in the online gambling realm. These rewards are made for use in slot machine games, which are the most engaged sets online. These bonuses can come in-built into the game, but casinos have also been given the freedom to provide them to their players.

Free spins give gamers the chance to spin the reels without having to place any real money bet. However, any winnings that are accumulated translate to cash winnings. The spins are provided with a specific credit value that mostly lies between point one and two credits. Players should note that free spins come with some of the shortest validity periods lasting between twenty-four hours and a couple of days. One should confirm the time they are valid for to avoid having them declared null and void.

Either software developers or casinos can provide free spins bonuses. In the case of the former, the spins will most likely be limited to one slot or a set of them by the developer. If the casino is the provider, then they can be used in any slot they have in their portfolio in most cases.

  • Free chips

Free chips are similar to free spins with the only difference being that they are used in table sets instead of slot games. The chips come with different values that correspond to the wager gamers intend to place. They can be worth as little as a penny or as high as one thousand dollars.

  • Free points

Gamers are rewarded in casinos depending on the intensity with which they indulge in their services. These rewards are given in the form of points. The points are awarded according to how much money players invest in the casino. In most cases, players earn one point for every ten dollars they spend gambling. For some games, one point can be valued at one hundred dollars. These points are then redeemed for cash and other items offered in the casino store. In some gaming destinations, they are used to move up the VIP ladder, which comes with bigger benefits for the players. Members of the highest VIP club are granted offers like personal managers, personalized bonuses, faster money transactions, and access to a wider assortment of games. Players should note that these rewards differ from one casino to the next.

Bonus Packages

These bonus features can be spotted in various packages that are offered by casinos. Some of these packages include:

  • No deposit bonus

This offer is granted once the player registers an account and before they make their first real money deposit. They mostly consist of free spins, chips, or a small amount of cash.

  • Deposit bonus

This is the most common casino bonus and the biggest in the welcome package. Most casinos offer it as a match promotion. In some cases, it is given as a fixed amount.

  • Reload bonus

Existing players are also catered to with the provision of reload bonuses that are granted on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Bonus features carry different elements depending on the establishments they are presented in. When claiming any offered incentive, players are advised to read through the bonus terms and conditions.