You can’t always have a security person standing at the door of your apartment building or office building, controlling who is allowed in and who is not. With such high-tech security systems available these days, you shouldn’t have to worry about these things, though. If you do not have a security guard in your building, you can always install access control solutions instead. This allows you to control who can enter your premises.

A video entry system is an intercom system, usually installed in bigger buildings, where you don’t have access to the main entrance. The video entry system allows you to see who is at the entrance, and you may or may not allow them to enter the building by remotely controlling the security system. It is highly beneficial for people living in high rises, and even as commercial door entry systems for businesses.

How does a video entry system work?

 A video entry system, or video intercom, has an outside and an inside component. There is an outdoor panel to be installed outside the main entrance, an electronic lock system on the door and an indoor monitor. The outdoor panel has either one or many push-buttons to make a call. If it is a single-occupancy house, one-push-button is enough, but for multiple apartments in a building, multiple push-buttons are used. It also has a micro camera with night vision to capture the image of the visitor, a microphone to pick up their voice, and a speaker for the occupant indoors.

The entry monitor indoors consists of a screen that shows the image of the visitor, a microphone, and an earpiece for communication. It has one push-button that unlocks the electronic lock on the door remotely if the occupant wants the visitor to enter.

So, whenever a visitor arrives at the entrance of your building, he or she has to push the button corresponding to your apartment’s intercom. Your intercom will alert you of the call, and you can pick it up to see who is at the door. If you decide to allow the visitor in, you can push the button on your device, and the door at the entrance will be unlocked, allowing the visitor to enter.

Here are some of the main video entry system benefits:

Verifying your visitors

 One of the biggest advantages of using a video door entry system is being able to verify who is waiting for you at the door. This system is far better than a normal intercom system, where you need to depend on the voice you hear over the intercom before buzzing someone in. Identifying someone solely based on their voice, particularly when the surroundings are busy and noisy, is quite difficult. With a video entry system, you can see footage from the main entrance and identify your visitors from the video. This is a much safer option and is much more reliable.

Reporting intruders

 With the help of your video entry system, you can prevent unwanted entry by someone into your building. If someone is trying to intimidate you or trespass your premises, you can alert the security personnel over the intercom or even report the matter to the police, without letting the intruder in. This is essential for the security of all inmates in the building.

 A warning to prospective intruders

Just the presence of an access control system in your building will act as a warning to anyone who has intentions of creating trouble. A video entry system, in particular, is all the more intimidating for intruders because they know that they can be easily identified later if they create any kind of trouble in and around the building. So, not just controlling access to the building, the video entry system is also useful for scaring off potential criminals.

Verifying courier deliveries

 This is another big advantage. Most of the time, intrusions into buildings and premises are made with the excuse of a fake delivery. If you are expecting an actual delivery, though, you can verify over the video intercom if the delivery guy is from the courier service you are expecting. Or if they have a valid ID Card on them.

Interacting with co-workers or kids

 Apart from being used as a security system, the video entry system can also be used as a simple intercom with video recording within your home or office. You could install these in your kids’ rooms or the different workspaces of your office. This way, you can interact with your colleagues sitting in another room over the intercom. Or you can keep an eye on your kids and check on them while they’re studying or sleeping to see if everything’s okay.

Controlling access to restricted areas

 This point is more relevant to businesses and not so much to homes. The video entry system can also be used to control access to any of the restricted areas of your workplace. Often, businesses have certain areas that are supposed to be accessible only to pre-authorized employees. You can install an access control system right outside these zones to make sure that only authorized personnel can enter after you have verified over video.