John Crestani is a digital growth marketer and entrepreneur. Crestani is best known for helping companies expand their reach, sell more product and grow. His main approach for this is through affiliate marketing. He has acquired expertise on a variety of paid advertising platforms including Facebook, Youtube, Google and Native. He understands how to grow companies with sustained success.

Crestani’s Course

The course offered by John Crestani is known to be one of the best marketing tools available. The course is known as the “blueprint” for all affiliate marketing businesses. The course teaches entrepreneurs how to grow their own business online and create a brand for themselves. The system is equipped with the tools needed to teach entrepreneurs how to become successful affiliate marketers.

There is a total of 42 videos with information on affiliate marketing. There are also 34 “how to” videos that walk entrepreneurs through the process of affiliate marketing. This is beneficial for those who are visual learners. Every individual learns differently, therefore it is important to have more than one form of teaching available. The course provides this and much more.

The course has been featured on multiple platforms such as Business Insider, Forbes, Medium and Yahoo. You can find another Super Affiliate System Review online to supplement what is being said here as well. Customers who have purchased the course have commented on its ability to supercharge beginners. Seasoned entrepreneurs agree the course if perfect for beginners and those starting their affiliate marketing business.

The course is simple enough to follow, even for first time entrepreneurs. The course features a 6 week interactive system that will transform entrepreneurs into affiliate marketers with the tools they need to succeed.

The course is guaranteed to teach entrepreneurs essential skills in affiliate marketing such as…

  • Facebook Ads
  • Youtube Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Native Ads
  • Other forms of marketing

Facebook, Google and Youtube are platforms used by millions across the world on a daily basis. This is a great way to advertise and market to a large range of potential customers. During the final weeks of the course, entrepreneurs will focus on a few main techniques that will help them to create their affiliate marketing business. These include…

  • Optimization
  • Scaling of Affiliate Campaigns
  • Outsourcing & Hiring Employees

The course is broken down into a week by week basis. This is beneficial as it helps entrepreneurs to understand each course without feeling overwhelmed. The weeks are separated into the following…

Week 1: Introduction/ System Set Up

Week 1 focuses on a few main tasks. The first step is setting a goal. This is important as it allows the entrepreneur to focus on one single goal they want to achieve. The next step explains how to set up a website, presell page and Facebook ads. Entrepreneurs are also taught how to work with affiliate networks and successfully begin their business. Each step is explained in-depth and provides reliable information.

  • Week 2: System Explanation
  • Week 3: Acquiring Marketing Skills
  • Week 4: Google and Facebook Ads
  • Week 5: Native and Youtube Ads
  • Week 6: Learning Automation and Scaling

The course features a total of 6 weeks with 50 hours of total content. The content includes solo work to complete and quizzes to take. The purpose of this is to help each entrepreneur truly understand the information and unique tools they learned throughout the program. In addition to this, users also receive access to further training courses.

These further training courses typically cost around $50, however users of his program receive them for free. This is also an incentive for entrepreneurs as they are able to access a plethora of resources for their growth and expansion.

The addition features of the course include…

  • Ad Campaigns

These types of campaigns help grow following and increase awareness. The course includes ready to launch campaigns that include audience targeting, landing pages, affiliate ads and offers for promoting.

  • Community

The course provides access to an exclusive, private Facebook group for fellow members of the program. The private group is the perfect place for important topics, Q&A and new updates. John Crestani is an active part of the private groups, which helps entrepreneurs to feel connected and empowered.

  • Weekly Group Coaching

Weekly group coaching is offered with the course. John Crestani hosts live webinars every Friday at 3pm Pacific Standard Time. These live session are a key element to the interactive, hands-on approach to his program.


IF you are looking for a course that specializes on paid advertising to drive traffic, this course could be for you. You won’t find many free methods for generating traffic in this course so if you have an ads budget then there is no problem here. Affiliate marketing can take time to learn, but this course explains it well.