Gambling has been a pastime and passion of human beings for thousands of years. The earliest records of gambling date back as far as 200 BC. The invention of modern-day playing cards in the 14th century has changed the gambling scene forever. However, the first gambling houses were started in the 17th century in Italy. Soon the concept of gambling houses started to spread in the continent of Europe as it gained popularity. After that gambling houses have emerged all over the world and it didn’t take much time for gambling or betting to turn into a billion dollar industry.

However, the gambling industry has soon realized that it cannot reach out as many people it wanted to if it depends just on on-land casinos. So the gambling companies have started to venture into online gambling in the early 2000s. This helped them in reaching more and more customers with each passing day. As the internet became cheaper, more people started to enjoy the virtual gambling experience from their homes. Vegas casino, slots empire, and Casino Frank are some of the reliable online gambling sites in the market. In the current generation, online gambling sites have increased so does the number of people using them. With an increase in the number of people, the gambling industry is being faced with new problems. Most of these problems are concerned with security, privacy, and payment issues. The gambling industry is using many technologies to ensure the safety of its customers both offline and online. One of the latest inclusions in the list is facial recognition.

Before knowing how facial recognition technology can be used in casinos lets understand how it works.

What is facial recognition?

Facial recognition is a technology that is used to recognize the faces of human beings accurately. The technology was in the works from 1965. The idea was to use computers to recognize faces of human beings. But the whole process was revolutionized when the 3D technology came into the market. This opened the door for the experts to find out more effective ways to identify faces. The facial recognition technology identifies a face by comparing it to the images in the databases. It does this by using various biometrics and maps the facial features of a person to their image. The facial recognition technology identifies humans in the same way humans identify other humans. It identifies specific facial features like eyes, nose, ears, mouth, and chins to recognize humans.

How is it useful for casinos? 

Like mentioned earlier gambling has become a billion dollar industry as it ventured into the online space. Due to this, it has become very important for the gambling industry to secure the privacy and security of its customers. See all the issues the gambling industry has realized that it has to incorporate the latest security measures if they want to be in the business. It is very essential because if a gambling site fails to preserve the confidential information of a customer then it will lose all of its customers.

 To ensure the security of its customers gambling industry started using various methods like passwords and two-factor authentication. Facial recognition is the latest technology that is being looked at, as the industry experts feel it can solve a lot of security issues. It will be helpful in identifying players more efficiently without them having to provide any extra information about themselves. A password can be stolen and used by others but the face cannot be stolen. This is the idea behind the usage of facial recognition in the gambling sector. Not only that but facial recognition is also useful for identifying the high value or VIP customers. These customers are very precious for gambling houses as they spend lots of money. The facial recognition technology helps the gambling houses and gambling sites to instantly recognize these customers and automatically provide them special services.

Helps in combating money laundering

For many decades gambling houses have been used by criminals and gangsters for illegal money laundering. This has been a major concern for the security agencies around the world. What is more shocking is the ease with which money laundering can be done. What the criminals do is that they go to a gambling house and deposit huge amounts of money for playing chips. They gamble with those chips for a few games and lose small amounts of money with each bet. After some time they stop playing and return the chips in exchange for a cheque. The cheque serves as proof for the criminals to claim the money to be won by legal betting. Facial recognition helps in identifying the criminals to identify these criminals as soon as they enter the premises of a gambling house. It recognizes and monitors each and every activity of a suspect the entire time they are in the casino. This is not only helpful in catching the criminals but also serves as evidence for their illegal activities. 

Identification of excluded customers

When people talk about gambling houses they often tend to think that it’s the houses that always trick the customers and win. But what many people don’t know is that there are some people who con houses and win large amounts of money. There are also certain individuals who are too good at reading cards which makes them almost invincible. The gambling will ban these players from their casinos so that other customers don’t lose. However, they cannot manually keep an eye on these players and they might forget who they are after some time. But computers never forget. So when a banned player enters a casino to gamble the facial recognition technology instantly recognizes and alerts the authorities about their presence.

Helps to improve reward and loyalty programs

Online gambling sites have been evolving by using all forms of new methods. These sites are designed with many programs and software that help them in recognizing a customer without facial recognition. Gambling sites not only know which customer is playing but they also have complete information about their activities on their site. They tend to maintain information on what games the customer is playing, for how long the customer is playing, the average money spent by the individual, and how frequently the customer visits their website. By using all this information the websites tend to provide rewards to the players whom it recognizes as loyal customers.

 Facial recognition makes this process simpler than it is today. The website can automatically recognize the customers and find out if he is a regular or not. This will help the software to provide rewards to the customers more efficiently. Facial recognition not only helps in identifying the loyal customers and provides rewards but it also helps in knowing the mood of the gamblers while playing a game. This will help the gambling site assess and improve their own technology to ensure higher percentages of customer satisfaction.


Facial recognition is one of the latest technologies that has become common among people. The facial recognition technology is being used in smartphones these days to lock and lick the mobile. Experts believe it can be used in various fields to increase efficiency and provide services more fluidly to the customers. The gambling industry is one of the sectors that is eyeing this technology to improve their services to the customers. The facial recognition not only helps in providing quality services but also effectively solves the security issues. It helps gambling sites and gambling houses in the prevention of illegal activities such as money laundering. The facial recognition technology will be effective in providing rewards to important customers. Every industry has to adapt to emerging technologies and the gambling industry is no different. Facial recognition will only make it easy for the gambling companies to provide their services with utmost security.