Machine Learning is an application that comes under the hood of Artificial Intelligence. The primary aim of machine learning is to enable software applications to become exact and precise in forecasting the results. Under Machine Learning, a computer tends to learn automatically without any sort of human intercession.

According to experts, who are witnessing the current trends, Artificial Intelligence and associated technologies will be present across a considerable number of industries in the near future. Moreover, Artificial Intelligence will take an important position in the top spots of investment priorities of various industries. However, as of now, there is a shortage of skilled staff in the relative field. The demand is more and, as compared to demand, the supply is significantly less. It is because of this people are opting for relative courses, the most popular one being machine learning with python.

In which fields can Machine Learning play an important role?

The scope of machine learning is wide. Following are the primary areas where machine learning can play an important role.

  • Education

Though a teacher’s primary purpose is to teach the subject allocated to him/her to the students. However, he/she cannot be sure whether an entire lot of students are able to understand the concepts or not. With the aid and assistance of machine learning, a teacher can get deep insights and statistics about a student through his/her performance. Machine Learning can help to know how much a student is able to learn and understand, the best methods of teaching, students requiring special focus etc.

  • Digital Marketing

It is difficult for an online business owner to interact with each and every customer coming with an inquiry. It is because of this chat bots came into existence. They work through a specific set of questions and collect the data of the probable customer. This is just the beginning. In the future, the world is going to witness significant advancements of AI and machine learning in the field of digital marketing enabling the organizations to learn more about the customer behavior and needs; leveraging the same later to generate sales for the business.

  • Healthcare

Now itself there are machines which can predict the problem with the patient based on his/her symptoms. However, they lack enough advancement, as of now, to deliver precise and accurate predictions. In the future, with the aid and assistance of AI and machine learning, there is a huge possibility of machines coming up with advanced diagnostic abilities revolutionizing the field of healthcare.

  • Automobiles

We are already seeing self-driven cars that do not require a driver to take you around the city. However, there is a requirement for more research in order to make them reliable and safe.

  • Personal Devices

The impact of AI and machine learning will be huge in the field of personal devices such as smartphones, laptops etc. In fact, now only we are seeing face recognition and speech recognition in our smartphones and various other devices. With the aid and assistance of AI and machine learning, the personal devices will be able to provide a higher level of personalization to the users.


As technology is evolving, so are the hackers. The threat of cyber attacks is more today than it was earlier. With the advancement in cyber attacks, the requirement is of advancement in defense and protection against these cyber attacks. With AI and machine learning, an advanced series of software applications can be developed which can analyze and highlight loopholes in a system and even predict cyberattacks thereby enabling the organizations to fortify their system in advance. The potential of AI and machine learning is huge in the field of cybersecurity.

These are only some of the areas where machine learning will bring about a revolution in the near future.

  • Quantum Computing

Both quantum computing and machine learning have a great future ahead. In the future we are likely to see the use of quantum computing in machine learning. Quantum computing will increase the execution speed of machine learning algorithms to a great extent thereby increasing the intellignce and the efficiency of the products based on machine learning making them more accurate and relevant to a person’s taste and preferences.

  • Finance

Cryptocurrency and blockchain is rapidly gaining momentum in the international finance industry. Moreover, the introduction of DAG-Chain, considered to be superior in all aspects as compared to the blockchain, has revolutonized the financial market. Artifical Intelligence and Machine Learning can play an important role in making predictions about the market movement and in detecting any kind of financial fraud.

Speaking about the field of finance, AI and Machine Learning play an important role in share and forex trading as well. We are seeing so many bots coming up in the market which are based on machine learning algorithms. These bots are of great help to beginner traders to learn about the concepts of share trading and forex markets. Thought we cannot be completely reliant on the bots for share trading but they are pretty useful when it comes to trading on behalf of us when we are not in front of our PC and unable to check on the market which can change every second. Moreover, since these bots are based on machine learnning they can learn from the market events and make necessary changes in their algorithms accordingly. Initially bots with static algorithms came up, however they didn’t respond well to changing market conditions. But with the machine learning bots adaptation and learning has become possible.

What does the future hold for Machine Learning?

  •  In machine learning, there are unsupervised algorithms and supervised algorithms. As clear from the name, unsupervised algorithms do not require human intervention which is the exact concept behind artificial intelligence. As of now, reliability is more on supervised algorithms. However, the future, indeed, is very bright for unsupervised machine learning algorithms and the machines will be able to achieve complex tasks without direct human intervention.
  • In the future, a machine learning algorithm will be completely capable to provide personalized advice and suggestions to the users. AI will be able to analyze the behavior pattern of different customers and based on the same, will provide personalized offer recommendations to the customers thereby enhancing the chances that a customer will take action in accordance with the desires of business.
  • We are using artificial assistants, the most basic one being Siri, Alexa, and Cortana. The rate at which the development is progressing in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning; the time is not far away when developers will be able to create highly intelligent applications that can interact with the user just like a normal human being.
  • Undoubtedly, the usage of robots is going to increase in the future. The future is all about robots becoming more intelligent at accomplishing tasks without direct human intervention.

Is it worth going to a machine learning course?

Seeing the current trends, a machine learning engineer definitely has a very bright future with the average salary being much higher than his/her colleagues at the same age. The future is all about artificial intelligence and machine learning. Therefore, if you are thinking of opting for a course in artificial intelligence and machine learning, now is the right time. By having knowledge of machine learning, you will become a part of a significant few in the world. As of now, AI and machine learning are probably one of the best career options for a great future.

Final Words

The future is indeed all about artificial intelligence and machine learning. We are likely to see our life revolving around these technologies in the time to come.