A digital marketing campaign is the first thing that makes a brand known to consumers. No digital marketing is completed if it doesn’t have the balance of all the different channels. The biggest mistake of any brand is they think that only posting an ad on social media channels is enough. They ignore the value an influencer can bring in the promotion of a brand.

There’s no hard and fast rule to decide what works for whom; it all depends on the kind of business you have. A right product can be sold by a post on Facebook if its engaging enough. If the influencer promotes the same post, the results can shock you. For that, the audience you are targeting should trust the person who is promoting your brand. Here, choosing the right face matters the most.

What is influencer marketing?

There’s not much difference between Influencer marketing and Social media ads, and are interlinked to much extent, we’ll try to clear this doubt of yours once and for all.

How effective are Social Media Ads?

The result of any campaign is to reach an audience that converts. Social media ads target the audience that the advertiser wants. They can select the keywords and the area they think their product has potential. The user can identify the brands are promoting their product because they can see whether Facebook is sponsoring a post or not. It can be beneficial for the brands which are known to the masses. For the one who doesn’t have a name yet, social media ads are not considered best.

What impact does influencer bring in marketing?

Daily, we see many ads. It doesn’t matter whether you are traveling by bus or metro. You can’t resist the significant holdings you see on your way. So, answer me a question.

Which ads influence you the most?

Yes, the ads on which you see a known face.

The celebs that have made their brand are known as influencers. Many followers trust them, and are interested in the products they use, the car they travel in, the food they eat, and what they drink. If any influencer says or put up a post that I am using X product, then there’s a big chance that the people who follow them are going to use it. That is called influencer marketing. The influencers can promote your product name in their video, or by any means; that seems fit in such a way that it seems natural.

Your goal is to reach the right audience. So, the selection of the right face is the most critical challenge. One way is to choose the right influencer yourself, or you can leave all the troubles to the experts and hire an influencer marketing agency. One such agency that is known for its industry-standard ways to analyse the best face for your campaign is PRchitects.

Social media marketing   Influencer marketing
If your brand is a known name among the masses like Samsung, then you can target ads on the audience that you think is suitable for your Brand.You can target a particular area or the people who are interested in your product. You can put the right keywords that will show your ad only to the audience of your choice.If you choose to promote your product by a social media ad, then the user knows that the product is sponsored. As sponsored is written on every social media ad.     If your brand is still in the growing stages and you are not yet known, then you should find a face that defines your brand best.   You are targeting the followers of your influencer so you won’t be able to control the audience.   An influencer promotes in the most natural ways and tell the benefits in such a way that no user can understand if the product is sponsored.

As we have mentioned earlier, there is no fix criteria. The best method is to utilize both marketing methods and try what suits you. We hope now you can choose between one if required.