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Influencer marketing has blown up in recent years, with many consumers making buying decisions based on what their favorite Instagramers and YouTubers are hawking to them. Companies are learning that they can do more than hope that an influencer will connect with their brand — they can create active partnerships with influencers. Have you taken advantage of this trend yet? Some significant benefits can come from influencer marketing.

Impact Your Image

The right influencer can help mold the image of your brand. The personality of the influencer who helped a customer connect with his or her base of followers can be used in your favor. Most people are suspicious when it comes to trusting companies based on only their word. That’s where influencers can come into play, as people are more likely to believe an influencer.

Connect the Audiences

Not only will an influencer offer your brand a chance to connect with the members of your audience, but they can connect with your audience. This additional connection reinforces the loyalty and trust your customers have for your brand. It can act as validation for them that this is a brand they prefer, and so do others.

Go Beyond Traditional Marketing

In the past, traditional marketing used social media as more of an afterthought for their usual marketing efforts. Social media has changed the marketing world, and influencers are an excellent way that to go beyond traditional marketing. Social media is the perfect environment for this type of engagement.

Organic Reach

There has been plenty of news discussing the algorithm change that Facebook implemented, which has impacted organic reach. By the very nature of the engagement between an influencer and his or her audience, the influencer stays in followers’ feeds organically. It can also be very beneficial when it comes to your SEO rankings.

Good Influencer Match

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It can be essential to match up with a good influencer. Here are some factors that make it easier to find the right influencer.

  • First, you want to make sure the influencer matches your brand. You want his or her audience to be interested in the same niche your product or service happens to be in. A hairstylist influencer is an excellent match for your hair-care line, while other fashion industry influencers may not be as beneficial to your company.
  • Second, you want to make sure the influencer has a decent-sized following. An influencer just starting may not have the same impact on your brand as a more established influencer.
  • Third, examine the amount of interaction between the influencer and his or her. Does his or her audience share, like, tweet, and comment on what they post? More activity means that the influencer is more likely to engage your brand.

Each of these factors can assist you in your search for a good influencer who will boost your brand.

These benefits can help shape the future of your company. Taking the time to find the right influencer can go a long way toward securing your brand.