How to Use Modern Innovation to Your Advantage

You may not realize this, but social media has become a big part of big-time corporations’ advertisement strategy. From Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns to SEO-marketing, social media is fast becoming a mainstream method of marketing, you can get help for marketing or crowdfunding campaigns from Crowdfunding marketing agency. This kind of marketing can be accomplished cost-effectively, and help you expand the reach of your audience tenfold, a hundredfold–exponentially. It all depends on what your products and services are, and how much time and effort you’re willing to devote toward the establishment of a recognizable, shareable brand.

Ways to Use Social Media to Spread Your Brand for Free

Social Media is a great place to post information that has a propensity to quickly go viral. Keep abreast of contemporary political, social, and entertainment issues. Fads, trends, and memes are all poised to jump through viral hoops at a moment’s notice. If you can tap into what is essentially popular at a given time, you can funnel some of a given meme’s visibility to your business. Two ways this has happened in the modern world, whether or not legally, come immediately to mind. “Keep Calm and Chive On” is the official slogan of a popular humor/tech website that is a favorite of many an office worker. This website began selling shirts which became extremely popular via social media. The shirts featured a stylized version of the quoted slogan. They went internationally viral to such a degree that local t-shirt companies started printing the same shirts with different slogans on them; like “keep calm and teach on”, or something of that ilk. These shirts became very popular in school districts in part because the content of isn’t elementary school appropriate, but the shirts were showing up everywhere; so this was an attempt to divert attention away from the Chive without damaging anyone while simultaneously spreading awareness of “hip” school districts.

The other example that comes immediately to mind is Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes micturating on some unappreciated logo. That’s technically the theft of artistic property; but it’s also a grandfather to the modern meme. Today, memes crisscross the ‘net like anything else, and they’re perfectly legal to produce and circulate yourself. If you see a popular meme, you can use social media to advance your business in a viral sense–just be clever enough to come up with a one-liner.

Methods like this are cost-free, and spread your brand. You can also write blogs and the like which pertain to modern social events, but also to your products or services. Post them on your social media account and invite discussion. Be creative, and you can use social media to increase your business’s visibility across the country in a way that is entirely free of monetary cost.

The Advantage of Modern Funding Solutions

Donation websites are everywhere these days, and they allow you to get those who have similar interests to your own involved in a “larger” project. There’s a community you can tap into. Those who already like what you do, or why you do it, can help you out. There are quite a few donation sites out there right now, and you’re sure to find one that suits the needs of yourself and your business. By using one, you can make enough money to buy mainstream social media marketing. This includes SEO content written to your specifications, PPC ad campaigns across Facebook and other sites of a similar kind, and packages which can be individually tailored to your specifications, depending on the marketing agency. Google Ads is absolutely huge right now, and works well.