Every business owner knows about SEO or search engine optimization. Investing the right strategy as far as search engine optimization is concerned can help a business with:

  • Attracting and retaining more customers and loyal customers at that.
  • Getting higher visibility in the world of online marketing.
  • Showing up at the top of the list when people search for the products, services of information that they want.

Today, business experts are advocating a sharper focus on something even more important and that is local SEO. Here is taking a look at why this important for every business.

It narrows down your competition

When you operate within a specific geographic domain then you can bring in customers even more smoothly. For instance, an auto mechanic operating in SoMa, San Francisco, will have a better chance at getting more car owners as his customers if his search engine optimization focuses on promoting his website to people searching from in and around that place. The car mechanic does not have to compete for visibility with other car mechanics in the entire Bay Area.

Changing algorithms

Google is one of the biggest search engines out there and it is constantly changing its algorithms to rank websites. In most cases, the results of searching on such engines gives the user local lists based on his or her geographic location. For example, if a customer were to search for “best burger joint”, the results would point to local or nearby establishments. You need to therefore tap into local SEO to figure in such lists.

Higher targeting

A smart business knows exactly where its customers are. Local search marketing yields more by way of:

  • Higher conversions.
  • Frequent purchases.
  • Better ROI for online marketing activities.
  • Better business growth.

When you target people who are likely to respond to your call to action in a quicker and more lucrative manner then your business footprint will increase substantially.

Mobile marketing

More and more people are using their mobile and connected devices to find the shops they would like to visit. Technology such as NFC and location based searches are getting greater results. People do not want region-wise or even general location details of the shops they are searching for. Locations are getting minutely detailed and that is precisely why you should focus on local SEO.

Inbound links

Another reason why you should focus on search engine optimization has to do with inbound links. Networking with local businesses and even complementary business based in your location or elsewhere will result in greater visibility for your brand. Contacting local businesses is easier for you and actually going across to meet that business owner and entering into a mutually beneficial association has all the hallmarks of a successful business relationship for a long time to come.

Finally, local SEO is also a great fit for your social media strategy. There is a higher chance that new customers will visit you simply because they have read about you on their friend’s page and well, face it – you are close by!