The impact of Artificial Intelligence(AI) such as Facial Recognition, fingerprint recognition, and iris recognition is present almost in every industry such as hotels, restaurants, hospitals, airports etc. The usage of AI is rising up gradually, especially, where there is a colossal exchange of money between the business and its customers. A perfect example of this is the gambling industry. As it is a matter of billions of dollars in the gambling industry, it is at a high threat for theft, fraud or hacking.

Hence, it is a continuous process for casinos(or houses of sports betting, bookmaking etc.) to protect themselves from hackers and rogues using upgraded high-end technologies. One such technology is Facial Recognition. As casinos are finding new successes both in houses and online, the need for smart technologies is also increasing day-by-day due to various reasons. Hence the houses are using facial recognition combined with surveillance cameras and the online casinos are using facial recognition in KYC(Know Your Customer) in the online registration process.

If you are wondering what artificial intelligence is? And what is facial recognition technology? Then this is for you. AI is the ability of a machine to think, learn and work taking smart decisions on its own. Facial recognition technology is the biometric software application used to scan and identify a person by measuring facial shape, contours, textures etc.

Facial recognition technology has become the most popular concept in recent years. Various fields such as banks, airports, smartphone screen locks etc. are using the technology to protect their customers’ safety.

However, the importance of facial recognition has increased only with the introduction of 3D. With the entry of 3D technology, facial recognition software was able to capture the individual’s exact and accurate face shape, the contour of the nose, chin, eye sockets, and overall facial measurements. Hence it became easy for every industry particularly, gambling industry, to use this technology and identify the non-users or individuals with a criminal history and place them out.

Thus the AI Facial Recognition technology has created a notable impact on the world of the gambling industry. Isn’t it interesting that technology has even evolved into the betting industry? Then let’s have a look at how facial recognition technology has its impacts on Casinos…

Impacts of Facial Recognition Technology in Gambling Industry

Did you know nearly 1.5 billion people gamble every year? It says how giant the gambling industry is. As the gambling industry deals with money more than anything else, it needs to be much detailed about the security. Thanks, to new technologies such as facial recognition, iris technology where candidates are identified based on their unique facial features and eye patterns they avoid the risk of any external threats.

There are many advantages over disadvantages in using AI facial recognition technology in Casinos. But the rate of benefits is only high for the Casinos which are using it in a proper way.

Here are the advantages:

Regulates Compliances when Creating New Accounts

Casinos request users to register accounts completing KYC. KYC requires some documents for identity proof and a selfie for facial recognition. The pattern, shape, contour, texture etc of the face will be unique to everyone. Every time the customers need to log in they can use the facial print to confirm their identity. Hence, it becomes easy for the Casinos that use facial recognition technology to restrict entry into either in-land or online casinos if they find any manipulation.

Prevents Underage Gamblers into Casinos

Gambling has a strict policy that prevents underage people from entering the casinos. Gambling sites such as Betamo strictly restrict the entry of players who are not above 18 years old. Also, the in-house gambling houses embed CCTV cameras with the FR technology to identify and stop teenagers from entering. As online casinos also need KYC with proper documents and a selfie, it is really impossible for underage gamblers to register an account. As underage gambling is a serious crime, casinos consider facial recognition technology as a useful measure to find out such underage gamblers in their Casinos.

Shuts the Doors for Blacklisted or Banned Gamblers

The biggest challenge for casinos is to avoid blacklisted and completely banned gamblers as allowing them into the Casino will end them up in a big loss again. The facial recognition technology comes into a clear picture here. The CCTVs and video recorders embedded with facial recognition technology continuously monitor and analyze the facial patterns of the patrons who enter into the betting both in-land and online. They store the databases of each individual as a precautionary measure. Thus matching up the previous database after analyzing the patterns, they spot out the blacklisted and banned gamblers and send them out of the game immediately.

Helps to Identify VIPs

Casinos offer free rewards and complimentary for trusted customers or VIPs in order to encourage them to bet more. Without facial recognition technology, it was a difficult task identifying the white-listed patrons. There are high chances that Casinos offer complimentary or rewards to the underserved or newcomers which benefits them nothing. But the risk is low with facial recognition. The surveillance cameras and video recorders identify the VIPs and help the Casinos in providing better customer service.

Reduces the Risk of Unwanted Guests

Apart from the risk of blacklisted and banned gamblers, there is a huge risk from rogues and frauds as Casinos deal with millions of dollars every day. So, the CCTVs combined facial recognition technology notifies the frauds, banned gamblers based on the previous crime history by reading the vehicle numbers in the parking lot itself. So, the Casinos can stay safe by sending them away.

Performs Continuous Identity Verification

Gambling centers need strict security as there are high chances for gamblers to manipulate the cards or steal the chips etc. So, this is one of the industries which needs constant vigilance in order to prevent any theft or bad experiences from happening. There might be situations where users log in with the right details but hand over the devices to some blacklisted gamblers or hackers. So, there will be continuous monitoring with the active video recorder. Also, the Casinos use the stored database like the demographic location to track their performance.

Final Thoughts

The facial recognition technology became most popular and expanded to various fields with a perfect solution in 2006. Since then, its usage and adoption have increased in many fields and industries including the gambling industry. Though there are many pros of using AI facial recognition technology over cons, people still talk about privacy issues. Yes, it is true that gamblers become more inconvenient when they know that they are being scanned, but the Casinos cannot stop using it because of security issues and threats. Hopefully, people can expect there will be again a new invention that rules out the privacy issues created by facial recognition technology. Because you never know when hackers might invent new ways to hack facial recognition software and experts invent a more powerful technology that shoots a challenge to hackers. And the process might be never-ending. However, to date the AI facial recognition technology has created a remarkable positive impact in the gambling industry.