SMS marketing is one of the easiest ways to reach and interact with customers. However, because SMS marketing has become so ubiquitous, businesses use the same tactics over and over again. Although these tactics provide results, finding innovative ways to use SMS marketing allows businesses to stand out from the crowd. To find a niche all their own.

Below you’ll find five unique and innovative ways to use SMS marketing.

  • On Your Business Card

 People have their phones on them all the time. So the next time you trek to a networking event, put a simple SMS marketing keyword campaign on it. That way when you give out your card, all the person has to do is whip out their phone and text the number. A link to your website pops up and voila! It’s like having a digital resume with you anywhere you go.

  • For Sport Teams

 Sports are a huge part of many parents’ lives, especially if your child competes competitively. Keeping in constant communication with the coach and other parents is absolutely necessary. However, the required communication can be overwhelming. That’s where SMS marketing comes in.

SMS marketing, namely mass text messages, create an environment where parents receive pertinent information without the perpetual clamor of notifications. Think about it. The last time you found yourself in a situation where a lot of people needed to be text at once, what happened? That’s right. Everyone gets added to a group text.

Now group texts aren’t inherently bad, but they create some definite issues. Lack of privacy, incessant reply notifications, and no good way to opt-out without missing critical information are just a few of the problems. So circumvent the headache by using mass text messages.

Mass text messages are private, meaning everyone receives the text message individually. And if someone needs to reply, the reply sends directly to the original sender. Plus, you don’t need to worry about opting-out since receiving critical information isn’t a hassle.

  • To Take a Survey

 One of the coolest things you can use SMS marketing for: surveys. You may have seen a survey over text message before, but once you answer the first question they typically redirect you to an actual survey website. However, SMS marketing is powerful enough to handle surveys all on its own.

They are simple to create, send, and garner information from. All you need to do is find a SMS marketing platform that allows you to create a survey using a multiple messages keyword campaign. This basically means that you’re going to create a series of messages to send to the respondent – in order of the survey questions – when they text in. Once respondents take the survey, the information is compiled and available for download in a simple spreadsheet.

  • To Complete a Job Application

 As we all know, job applications take a lot of time, energy, and effort. However, with SMS marketing that process is simple. Typically job applications are completed on a web browser, or perhaps over email, but SMS marketing is much faster than either of these methods.

With a multiple messages keyword campaign, applicants can fill in the necessary information. As with a survey over SMS marketing, you’ll need to choose a SMS marketing platform that offers multiple message keyword campaigns. After the applicant completes the application via SMS marketing, the answers are compiled in a downloadable spreadsheet. Then you can begin to sort through applicants and choose the best one.

  • To Check-in for an Appointment

 Perhaps one of the greatest time-saving ways to use SMS marketing is to check in for an appointment. Think about the last time you went for an appointment where you needed to check in with the front desk staff. Was there a line? Did you have to sign in? Wait to be called to the desk? Chances are you did.

It doesn’t have to work this way though! What if all you had to do was text a keyword to a number when you arrived for an appointment? Then the front desk staff knows you’re there and lets whomever know you’re ready. And if you did need to provide additional documentation, or information, they could simply call you up to the desk.

This would make a world of difference. The front desk staff would be able to work much more efficiently. Checking people in is simply not a job that the front desk staff needs to do anymore. There’s no waiting in line, so you can check in as fast as you text in when you arrive. Plus, alerts can be set up to inform the correct person that you’ve arrived.

Using SMS Marketing Innovatively

 In the end, it’s up to you to use SMS marketing in the best ways you can. The above ways help set you on a path to think about SMS marketing in a different light. SMS marketing has endless uses. You really use it for anything you think of. Trying different, innovative ways to use SMS marketing is what technology is all about. It’s how our world moves forward