What is a refurbished iPhone?

A refurbished iPhone is when a customer, a retailer, or a store returns to the manufacturer for testing and repairing. An iPhone can be produced for several issues, but the manufacturers ensure all issues are fixed, and it is ready for resale as a new iPhone. A refurbished phone may lack some accessories and original packaging. However, it is sold at a lower discount than the actual price of a new phone.

Why buy a refurbished iPhone XR?

  • It is more affordable than a new phone. Price an attractive thing about purchasing a refurbished iPhone XR. Additionally, you do not have to comprise about working features as it functions like a new one.
  • Refurbished iPhone XR may have a longer lifespan than a new one or a different model. The chances the phone will develop more issues are very low.
  • Refurbished phones also have a long and comprehensive warranty as new ones. A used iPhone XR, therefore, has the protection as when purchasing a new one. In addition, most reliable companies offer a return policy. One can try using the iPhone XR, and if it is not working properly, they return it and get a cash refund.
  • It is a sustainable choice. The phone production process can lead to excess release of carbon dioxide, which leads to global warming. Recycling a phone instead of buying a new one helps the environment.

Things to consider when buying a refurbished iPhone XR

  • Only buy from a reputable store or the original company. Counterfeit products are all over, and one can easily fall into the trap. Instead, buy from a trustworthy seller. Reputable and original companies fix all faults and give a guarantee the phone is properly working.
  • Check the warranty and return policy. Third parties offer no warranty or return policy. If a refurbished phone got damaged in one’s hands or failed to function, they suffer the loss.
  • Check the condition of the phone. Refurbished phones fall into three categories; as good as new, minor cosmetic damage, and used. A used one has visible wear and may not be aesthetically appealing.
  • Check the serial number. The serial number is crucial for two reasons. One, to verify it is not lost or stolen. Two, to determine if it can work with a particular carrier.

Unlocked iPhone XR

An Unlocked iPhone XR indicates that this device can be used with any carrier or service provider. Therefore, it makes it a perfect choice for individuals who are not having any current service provider. In addition, one can buy it as a gift regardless of the location or the receiver’s carrier.

Certified refurbished iPhone XR

Certified refurbished iPhone XR will function as well as a new iPhone XR. Also, it will look good as new you can rarely tell it was refurbished. The phone is thoroughly inspected to be considered certified. The 50+ point inspection process includes quality photos and a full history report on all the cheap used iphone xr for sale.

Where to buy

There are various cheap used iPhone XR for sale available in the following places;

Original Manufacturer

The original manufacturer tests the handset to ensure it is in perfect working condition. Besides quality, the refurbished iPhone XR from Apple comes with a new outer shell, a new battery, and a white box. A 12-month warranty is included. The disadvantage of buying from Apple is that the discounts are very minimal one does not save much.


Big stores are another place one can find cheap iPhone XR. Although they do not offer a new battery or new outer shell, the iPhone XR comes with a charger and a cable. In addition, they offer higher discounts allowing one to save more money. Furthermore, they repair and fully test the phone; hence, they are reliable.

Online services

Online services buy, refurbish and resell iPhone XR. It is a popular place to find cheap used iPhones for sale. They give the best discounts and ship the iPhone XR to one’s location. They also have a varying warranty and return policies.

Buying from a carrier

They refer to refurbished iPhones as certified pre-owned. They fix issues with an iPhone device and test it for resale. You get a charger by buying a phone from them.

Are Refurbished iPhones better

Buying a refurbished iPhone XR is better than buying a used or new phone. This is because the original companies fix the problems with the phone. This ensures the iPhone has a longer lifespan. In addition, it is very affordable to buy refurbished iPhone XR and less risky. On the other hand, the new iPhone XR can be expensive, and a used one can be risky to buy since it’s not refurbished. Refurbished functions well as a new iPhone and has a warranty and return policy.