Older people can be very big spenders in some industries and markets. So if your business is trying to get a slice of this pie, you’ll need to make sure that you’ve got your marketing focused on this demographic and that you’ve set yourself up for success in the digital marketing sphere, since senior citizens spend a decent portion of their time online.

To show you just how you can connect with this audience and make your business a success in this space, here are three tips for creating online ads targeted at senior citizens. 

Visually Simplify

While it’s always important to make things as simple as possible when designing online ads, if your target audience is someone from an older generation, keeping things simple is vital. Even for someone who isn’t living in an assisted living facility and still has all their faculties, keeping the design and the call-to-action simple will help you get the best possible result from your ad.

As part of this, you’ll want to make things easy to click and write copy that’s very clear and concise. By doing this, you’ll ensure that those who see your ad know exactly what you want from them and will be able to complete the action that’s called for. Even if this means making the font larger on these ads then on your other ads, it will be well worth it for you to do this. 

Make Education Available

Ideally, if you’re having an ad placed somewhere, this won’t be the first interaction someone is having with your brand. And while some consumers don’t need a lot of education about something before they’re ready to make a purchasing decision through an ad, most senior citizens aren’t this way.

Knowing this, you may need to create ads that are meant to bring your visitors to educational pages in addition to ads that are meant to be part of the sales process. This education taking place in the right way and at the right time will help your ads become more successful when targeted at older demographics. 

Play To Nostalgia

If you’re not in an older demographic yourself, you might find it hard to know how to best connect with this group.

One strategy that many businesses have had success with in the past is playing to the nostalgia many seniors feel about the past. So if you can think of something related to your business that also was well beloved by people when they were younger, this could be something to allude to or reference in your ads to help build a stronger emotional response. 

If you’re needing to create online ads targeted at senior citizens, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you make these ads as successful as they can be.