Are you looking to increase your SEO? That is a great idea! The ranking of your website on search engine sites like Google and bing will drive people to your website. If more and more people are coming to your website each month and you have a well put together website, then your sales will continue to improve. Keep reading as the Thunderhawk experts explain how to increase your SEO.

Include hyperlinks in your blog

A blog is great to have for your SEO. There are many reasons for this. One of them is because it will allow you to have hyperlinks linking to other pages on Google. If the website you are linking to is a good one, you are not only helping that website but you are helping your own too. You are aligning yourself with a good website out there on the web. Blogging is also good because it can show that you know what you are talking about in a specific industry, it allows you great content to reuse in the future for social media posts, it will allow you to use keywords and keyword phrases that people are typing into Google which will tell Google what your website is about. All of these can all be done in a blog. So, sit down once per month and write a blog. We highly recommend it so that your search engine optimization increases.

Become a guest blogger

Just like linking to your site, linking from others to your website will also help to increase your SEO ranking. We recommend becoming a guest blogger. Only align with companies that are good and have a good website. You can link your keywords back to your website strategically throughout the blog so that your website gets points for that.

Have a fast running website

There is nothing more annoying than a slow running website. Do you know why it decreases your SEO? It’s because people will click off of the website if it’s running slow. Firstly because people are not very patient and also because slow running seems like they may be something wrong with the site and they don’t want the website to have a virus. When people click off of your site quickly it is telling Google that there is something wrong with your site and a reason why people don’t like it. This will result in decreasing the ranking of your website. Make sure that your site is always up to date and has everything working as quickly as possible.

Include pictures throughout your website

It’s a great idea to include pictures throughout your site. Try having one or two pictures on each page. This will not only help your site to look nicer as people are visual learners, but it will help your SEO too. On the backend, make sure that you save the photo as a keyword or a keyword phrase instead of what it typically is downloaded as which is just random numbers and letters together. When you are uploading the picture onto the website, you also want to make sure that you use that same keyword or keyword phrase as your title and if it asks for a description you can write a short one in too. This is telling Google what photo is about which is helping explain to the search engines what type of people you want on your website.

Ensure each page is at least 300 words

Having at least 300 words on each page is important. Of course, you don’t want to use run-on sentences and paragraphs and have it too wordy. You can break it up with shorter paragraphs around images, you can explain what services you do and why they are important, you can educate readers, you can bold some words and even some fonts larger than others. This will allow readers to not get “bored” or simply skim through the words instead of reading them. This will also cause reasons to stay on the page a little longer and also will be telling the search engines what your business is about and what that page is about.

Ask for reviews

We have one final recommendation in order for you to increase your SEO. We recommend asking for reviews. Make sure that you have your business information on as many as possible. Google and Yelp are two of the most popular ones. Not only will this help your local SEO but your general one too. You can ask people after they are your customers to review you online. You can also make sure to follow up with an appointment asking them for a review. This is an easy way for others to learn about your business and will make them a lot more likely to click on your website.

As you can see, there are many different things that go into your SEO. Even after this list, there are so many more that you can be doing still. Some are much more complicated so we wanted to have a shortlist of somewhere where you can start. Remember that SEO doesn’t move overnight. You won’t go from page 10 to page 1 in a day. By practicing these habits on your website, your ranking on Google will continue to increase. We hope that this helps and you are on your way to a much higher ranked site.