Are you planning to develop an app and forging business around it? There are thousands of passionpreneurs who want to establish a business around their interests through a mobile app. However, not all business ideas change into mobile apps. Even if they do, they don’t get enough market share to survive.

According to an article by Forbes, only 1 in thousand i.e. 0.01% of the mobile apps become financially successful within one year from launch. Most of the mobile apps fail to add value to customers at the functional level. With more and more apps being launched every single day, the stats don’t seem to get better anytime soon.

There could be many reasons across various stages of the app lifecycle because of which the startup app fails. They are:-

Development & Design Mistakes

The mobile app market is a highly saturated market where every firm is locking horn with its rivals to earn the profit. Even the niche market has stiff competition and a minor discrepancy in the design and development process could prove to be fatal for the app. Here are some mistakes that make the startup mobile app fail.

App Size:  Developers need to strike a balance between the features available in-app and the app size. Large app size consumes memory and slows the phone down. Consumers often get dejected with apps of large size.

 Compatibility: .The mobile phone market is divided by users of the various OS with Android and iOS having Lion’s share. The apps which work only on one OS are most likely to fail as they will face problems in expanding their customer base. Further, the apps which aren’t optimized for various devices will often crash down and face technical glitches.

Improper Testing: Most of the startups don’t spend enough money on app testing and thus miss out on covering the lacunae or loopholes in the development.

 Poor Marketing Strategies

Most companies fail to target their intended audience at the launch. Here are some common mistakes that startups usually do in their marketing efforts.

Undefined Target Audience: Most companies don’t build customer personas and thus fail to connect the dots as how their app would bring about a change in people’s lives. Businesses need to conduct in-depth research and not beat about the bush before setting the target audience.

Inconspicuous Branding: Vague branding has killed more apps than anything else. The message should reach out to the target audience clearly and conspicuously concerning the utility of the app. A business should be perceptive enough to exploit the right channels to register its products in a desired way inside the customers mind.

Budgetary Constraints

As an entrant into the app market, you have to be very particular about the cash inflows and the cash outflows. It is very important to be farsighted and plan ahead of the time. Some of the common financial mistakes that startup makes are:-

Improper Financial Planning: Most startups don’t segregate funds according to the different stages of app development and believe that they will raise funds as and when they require. This is what goes wrong with most companies as they run out of funds when they have to make pivot changes or modify the app according to the customer feedback.

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