iGaming has its complexity that not only tries to hide from compliance with laws and regulations, but also competes in the dogged industry which consumes products and services.

There is a digital marketing model that aims to formulate the four main principles of each online casino.

1. Technical aspects.

2. Branding and public relations.

3. Customer experience.

4. Services paid.

But is it about to collapse in the face of the modern SEO scenario? Well, the answers will spring up from our review of the new search and ask facility that is provided by Googles Voice Search.

Improves organic performance of online casinos

Since the iGaming network market will grow by almost 20% year-on-year from 2018, this market is only filled with new providers who want to use this profitable system. So, the question is: how can online casinos benefit from their competitors? The answer lies in new technologies and opportunities.

Google first developed its voice search system in 2010 in an exciting period, but it quickly became obsolete and complex. Nine years later, the technology meets the standards of scientific literature, but is an integral part of modern human life. This software can capture natural languages, complex searches and lengthy searches to get more relevant results to suit the user’s needs and demands.

The results of this means that online casinos can not only achieve higher hit rates, but also manipulate their websites by capturing more natural keywords, which is completely different from the previous SEO strategy. 

Before, users would type into a search engine. Best online casino New Zealand, for example. This is not a question more statement with fragmented wording. Now, with voice technology, people speak in more detail than they do type.

So, for example, users would perhaps ask, “which is the best online casino for players in New Zealand?” The hit rate from this is far greater and what you will find is more independent comparison sites like onlinecasinonewzealand.nz rather than the direct casinos themselves, as they have to comply with certain rules of advertising online and within Google.

Make casino content relevant to voting requests

As we know, Amazon’s Alexa device is probably the most important voice recognition tool. Alexa works on the Bing search engine. The same applies to Windows devices, although it is weaker than Google in terms of conventional search, the market has yet to be taken into account.

Microsoft’s average voice search is 7 to 8 words per search. The shorter the keywords used, the shorter the search and the better the results. Therefore, online casinos must produce certain content, which in turn helps to be more favourable as a brand to new customers and increase its relevance in search engine listings.

This technological shift changes everything! This effects the whole internet, and it isn’t entirely voluntary because unless you have the mic on your device turned off, your Google service could be ever listening to you. Thusly, why the online advertising has become scarily accurate. 

Optimizing online casinos

Which new VEO strategy corresponds to the current optimization of the sound engine?

1. Business Information – Keep your business information useless.

2. Speed: users want instant results, so the website shouldn’t load in more than 3 seconds.

3. New content: focus the text on the question because the tool is mainly used to ask questions that are not based solely on keywords.

4. Provide answers to customers: enter content goals and answer questions, for example. Q: “Is roulette fun to play?” A: “There are many variations of roulette that players enjoy, including … etc.”

5. Test: Test the process on different devices to determine what works best, whether it is a smart or mobile speaker, Google or Alexa.