Launch any new payment scheme onto society and the immediate reaction is going to be the abbreviated WTF, and what does follow is a huge judgement by the press and a metaphorical burning on the cross. Here we examine the minor complexities associated with cryptocurrencies to help you better understand how websites work with binary payment methods that have slowly but surely become commonplace in the online market and will most-likely become the future form of currency, if we can just pull our heads out of our own crevasses.

Consumers and digital payments

Sometimes technology and new ideas put into practice flood the community and confuses everyone all at once and as a result, there is nothing but confusion and weariness. This was very much the case when the Bitcoin dropped, in hindsight, we’d portably have invested when it came to light, but there was no light through the woods at the time and was considered a huge concern. This still exists in smaller doses and for the most part, we are used to small adjustments that seem to adapt to current social needs and certain small demands, and now we are beginning to understand a little better. 

The reality is, that the Bitcoin was indeed 20-years ahead of its time. This said, it looks increasingly to be the best times moved in the history of invention. The Bitcoin shows that monetary control can be government free, it can service you for all your online needs and in time, just as they are doing in China, a one-world currency for the west will come in place after the global economic collapse following the Covid-19 pandemic, if not now, then most certainly in 2030 with the Agenda-21 proposal in the pipeline. 

Just look at Online Casinos

The good thing about this coin is that the casino industry is now beginning to use and accept them. The world’s largest ATM business is ready to accept it and this is a huge sign. When any casino is ready to jump, we should be taking note of this and being ready to jump with them. The majority of Bitcoin-friendly casinos is in the Polish market and through sites such as, you can find the best bitcoin platforms to experience the new way of pay ‘n play via cryptocurrencies. 

Generally, there are two types of online casinos that accept bitcoins. 

One, the casinos that have been round since the dawn of time and have just added and additional payment option to meet the needs of bitcoin and other cryptocurrency users. 

Two, the casinos specifically built and made for the binary coins that also provide a platform for games specially made for these types of sites. 

Multiple forms of payment with the same results

What you get from any casino is a variety of games. If you don’t have sports betting on one of them, you have a table at another that you can use. Granted, development is still in its infancy, even though it entered the market in early 2017.

Like all electronic wallets, encrypted coins have been questioned and will at some point be a new option. When you play with your binary coins, you always have the opportunity to earn more, which brings profit. If you play by winning 1 BTC and leaving it there until the market shows a rate increase, you can make a bigger profit with a change in the coin value. Something to remember!