In simple terms, Gem4me is a messenger with significantly broadened functionality. In most regards it surpasses most widespread messengers, both in terms of built-in capabilities and free premium services. 

All services are free 

This isn’t an advertising slogan with an asterisk listing numerous terms and conditions for receiving access to the services free of charge over it. Gem4me truly offers all services and capabilities to its users for free. 

Given the number of such capabilities in Gem4me, this is a unique offering on the market of communication. For instance, users can freely send files of any size, while other messengers, like Telegram, increasing the maximum allowed size of a file from 2GB to 4GB is already a part of a paid subscription.   

Gem4me allows to host free video conferences with up to 1000 participants and no limits on time. Developers do not even charge any commission for sending donations to bloggers who host their channels on the Gem4me ecosystem. 

Yet another useful and free of charge feature is the ability to transcribe audio messages to text in English and Russian languages. Typically, such a service is offered for a fee, as even in Telegram this notion is one of the core functionalities in its paid Premium subscription. However, Gem4me allows for all of its users to transcribe audio messages completely free. Simply press one button on an audio message.

Messenger with no limits or restrictions 

Gem4me truly has no restrictions or limits. It is an international messenger with users from various countries who can communicate and conduct business on the MarketSpace commercial platform. Communication is even more boundless with the help of the built-in translator to 17 languages. 

In regards to restrictions, the application never had any from its initiation and none are planned to be implemented in the future. All users have no limitations on the speed of data transfer, the size and number of files is unrestricted, as well as, users can subscribe to as many channels as they wish to. To use all of these features, it is simply enough to download the Gem4me application and instantly gain access to its complete functionality.   

Blog and commercial platforms within the application 

Gem4me is a communication ecosystem – given the wide range of its capabilities. Apart from unlimited opportunities for communication, users also enjoy the blog platform on which they can subscribe to various channels and host their own blogs, as well as, the MarketSpace international commercial platform. 

Users receive a wide selection of channels that discuss numerous topics with an ability to leave comments on articles of interest, while authors enjoy the convenience of the built-in editor for article creation. Needless to say, the broad number of potential subscribers and the ability to receive donations with no commissions is yet another major benefit. Moreover, monetization content is expected to be introduced in the near future.  

MarketSpace is an international marketplace. Users can find various products and services on it, and even start their own business by registering their personal seller’s account in just a few steps with ease. Gem4me Developers are connecting acquiring in more countries to MarketSpace for the convenience of seamless international transactions, as well as, the upcoming launch of the ecosystems’ own delivery service across the globe is expected shortly.

The concept of Gem4me ecosystem

The composition of the Gem4me ecosystem is distinguished neither by the fact that all of its functions can be used under one account nor by the large number of features available to users in one application.

The concept of Gem4me ecosystem is also expressed by the fact that all of its services are available for free and with utmost quality, all while there is no distinction between premium and normal services. Moreover, continuous development of the ecosystem is implemented accounting for user feedback and needs, which they share in their reviews. 

The approach to Gem4me’s development and user interaction is significantly different from what other messengers offer. Primarily, the correlation of high quality of service and free of charge foundation for all the services. Arguably, Gem4me is not just a communication ecosystem, but rather a complete environment for online human habitat on which users are able to find like-minded people from various countries, communicate freely with no restrictions and earn as bloggers or merchants on the built-in marketplace. Moreover, these roles can be combined, as the Gem4me ecosystem truly has no boundaries.