Looking back at what we’ve achieved in the gaming industry, it’s hard to argue the possibilities of experiencing further expansion. Online gaming continues to gain more popularity. It’s not just for the underlying technology; it’s also becoming a viable source of income – we see this with esports leagues.

We’ve seen multiple platforms consciously implement Gen Z tech, giving gamers an immersive gaming experience that most people can argue to be addictive. We’ve specifically seen this new wave being pioneered by new online casinos. We can hope for more as the future looks promising.

This article will explore the near-future evolution of the online gaming industry.

What to Expect from Online Gaming in the Near Future

Here are what to expect from online gaming in the near future:

  • Usage of 5G Network Architecture

Although the fastest network technology currently known to man is available on newer mobile devices, we’re yet to get its implementation in gaming consoles. However, we expect these connection capabilities to be implemented on new console versions. 

Being 60 times faster than 4G LTE, one can only imagine the power it will bring to the online gaming community. There’s no doubt that console manufacturers like Sony and Microsoft will have something for use on their next hardware upgrade.

  • Better Graphics

It could be more if you are a gamer and think graphics are already great. With the consistent improvement of VR tech, we are up for mind-blowing graphics for subsequent game releases. We’ve witnessed incredible improvement in gaming graphics over the years, and it’s difficult to imagine the trend dropping any time soon.

In the meantime, we’re already seeing tech capable of creating digitized replicas of real-life objects. Also, deep fake tech is slowly blurring what we define as reality. It won’t be long before we see extensive implementation of this tech in online gaming as well.

  • More Game Genres

The online gaming scene is getting innovations from all corners. We are gradually breaking new ground regarding gaming categories, and it’s only a matter of time before these sub-genres evolve into the mainstream. Today we see instances of VR gaming, where gamers can immerse themselves in another world. Also, vintage games like Pokémon Go are taking on a new dimension some might not have anticipated in the ‘90s. Although the implementation of this new technology is still somewhat experimental for the most part, it’s only a matter of time before its use becomes commonplace in the gaming space.

  • Full Cloud Gaming

Adaptation of the cloud is about to become even better. Gone are the days when you need to wait weeks for a patch or a game update to reach your location. Improvement in cloud services now allows gamers access to games immediately after release.

More so, gamers will be able to use a super-fast 5G connection to play games live on the cloud. Unlike regular consoles, where a gamer needs a hardware upgrade once every few years, full cloud gaming will allow older consoles to play high-quality games without needing a hardware upgrade.

  • Integration with Social Media Tools

We’ve already seen online games that allow users to screenshot and send recorded videos of their gaming activities. Also, communicating directly with both teammates and opponents is becoming a standard feature in multiplayer games. 

Following the growth in social experiences, future projections suggest that we are close to having a full-scale social media integration into gaming systems. This will allow gamers to seamlessly switch standard social media profiles and their favorite games.


The online gaming scene has seen tremendous growth over the years. We’ve left the phase where gaming was just a thing for nerds and introverts, and we are now in the era where gaming is a means to get high-quality engagement and entertainment.

There’s little question concerning if we’ll do more; it is only a matter of time. Game developers are consistently improving and edging their game development skills. We’re currently at a stage where it most likely will happen if they put their minds to it.