Who doesn’t love video games? Regardless of age, everybody loves video games. But have you ever thought about why people love video games? People use video games as a stress buster. Did you ever feel like developing a game when there was a bug and it vanished all your game? This where passion sprouts. Is game development your ultimate passion? do you really want to stick to your passion and make it as a career? If yes, then this article is for you. Stick till the end and get all the info that might help you in your game development career.

Game development is a process of creating a video game. The whole effort of video game development is on the shoulder of a game developer. There are two commercial types of video games namely PC (computer games) and console(interactive multimedia consisting of manipulative images). Video game development may seem to be easy and universal but there are the things that you need to follow.

Game development is not an overnight process. You need to stuff your brain with a lot of ideas and patience is the key as game development is definitely not like any other job. Game development is quite similar to app development as you will be working on solving the issues in coding language.

Here are the top 10 tips for your game development career.

  1. Plan, create and get started

Proper planning is always necessary for perfect execution. Plan what type of game you wanted to develop. Decide whether you want to create a game art or program your game.

What are game art and game programming?

Game Art

If you are someone with less interest in game programming and have an interest in creating games, then go for the game art. You can use the editors like What you see is what you get editors (WYSIWYG). Many professionals use this type of search engines to create and design their games.

Game programming

If you want to be a game programmer then you should learn the programming languages like HTML5, Javascript, C++, and c#. You can use the game engines to write and build a game. HTML5 is a web language that is used for creating browser-based gaming. C++ is one of the most used programming languages for creating games. C# is also a frequently used programming language.

However, there are a lot of online resources that teach you how to make your own game by combining both game coding and art skills.To quickly get a picture of game development start with the simple games like dots and Tetris, include visuals and animations to make it authentic. After choosing what you wanted to create. Prepare a plan and get into the action.

  1. Create a sensible game plan

As a player has to put all the efforts to solve the challenges that your game imposes on them, your game should be able to compensate all their investments. For a meaningful game experience, your player needs to have control over the outcome. Whether it is the win or lose, there is nothing to do with their knowledge or intelligence. Addition of random elements adds interest to your game. A player should be able to understand the game to make them feel they are in it. When a player loses he must be clear why he lost it and vice versa. The objective of the game must be very clear as a player must know why he is in it and the player must know of all the actions in the game. Make your player curious.

  1. Be innovative

As a game developer, you need to always be curious and put all your raw innovation skills into action. Experiment with your ideas and never feel hesitated to include them in the game. You can’t find the interest of your player in any laws or books, only you as a game developer should know it.

  1. Design a game for your player

You need to know what your players are really looking for. You need to develop some games that fit into your player’s lifestyle. Ask yourself with these questions like Who your players are? How much time will they spend on the game, will the player really have access to the game? the type of software available for a player. Try answering these questions you can definitely meet up with the requirements of your user. This will help you set the time requirements and test whether the requirements work.

  1. Play, test, and code

Are you a multi-tasker while on the game? Then you will gradually know what it is like to be a pro in game development. If you are curious to add any waw element to your game, first add and then test them. Do not delay the process, the more you delay it the more difficult it will be for you to dedicatedly approach your ideas.

  1. Real Experiences

After the experiment with your games, its time for you to have some real experiences.


There are a lot of internships programs available for game development. If you don’t find any game development centers in your area, you can choose the remote internships. Choose the internships that pay you for your efforts because it doesn’t add any value to your job if they don’t pay. You need to be a very enthusiastic learner because no company will hire you in the beginner stage they should at least understand that you will quickly cope up and learn the process of game development.


Freelancing is another good way to learn by sharing your experiences. The advantage of freelancing is you will learn, earn and have some professional experience.

  1. Play and review

How many of you still play subway surfers and candy crush? The voice is soo loud, got the answer.  Have you ever thought why these games are loved by everyone regardless of age? These cool game developments have transformed the game world into a multi-million dollar revenues. Design your game with the effects, sounds, interesting characters, eye interference etc.,

Here is an exercise you, play all the games that are famous or the ones that are trending. Jot down all the experiences, ideas and try to incorporate in your own game design.

  1. Follow other game developers

For the extra dose of inspiration, follow your fellow game developers. As game development has a robust impact on the game developers world you need to know what your fellow game developers are up to. But, you can follow a large number of professional game developers who can help you grow. There are websites where you can follow and catch the game developers who display their work live.

  1. Keep up with the trends

Follow the news and always keep up with the trends. Unlike any other businesses, game development also depends on the trends in the market. There is actually no need to follow up on the trends if you think your idea is unique. But you need to have a basic idea on the trends in game development. There are many websites available to know the current trends in game development.


  1. Keep learning

No matter how much you learn, there will always be something left to learn. In the area of emerging trends, there will always something left to learn. To be an expert you need to develop a positive attitude toward learning. The programming language you use for gaming might not be present tomorrow. So, not to rely on one thing keep learning different languages and stay updated with the software that might help you for future success. Know the trends and implement them in your game. This will provide an updated look to your game.


Game development is a very broad skill. If you are a newbie, you need to follow up with the trends and learn from them. After trying so hard on everything, at some point you may feel like giving up but never do that. Keep trying always to master your skills. The road to success always seems shorter if you walk with the same ease, determination and make your own game.