With over two decades in retail FX, Paul Belogour is a successful entrepreneur helping brokers and investors through Boston Merchant Financial Network (BMFN). Today we are talking with Mr. Belogour about entering the volatile investment market and the best strategies for new traders.  Find the best strategies for new forex traders.

Who is Pavel Belogour? Can you share some of your experiences in the financial markets with our readers?

I joined the foreign exchange department of the Bank of Boston straight out of college and worked closely with Commerce Bank and Trust to establish my first Forex business – CBFX. We offered retail Forex to international clients and caught the eye of IFX Markets and City Index. Now I am a CEO of BMFN that services a network of 4,000+ Introducing Brokers spread across 120 countries and helping 60,000+ investors make money. It’s a straightforward business model, but it works well, and I’m proud to have the name of Paul Belogour associated with it.

When is the perfect time to invest in the financial markets?

The primary factor for the individuals who are interested in financial markets is high volatility. Volatility gives investors the chance to penetrate the market in any direction. Political instability, economic and physical wars are profoundly affecting the market. Whenever you see the instability, investment opportunities are right there.

However, I do not recommend new investors to use this strategy. If you are just entering the market, avoid the times of critical economic announcements and changes. Take the time to observe, assess and learn the trends before investing.

Mr. Belogour, could you name the key factors that affect current investment?

The key factor here is the technical progress that spreads across the different fields of our life. For sure, the main thing that drives the investment is modern technology. The vast variety of trading technologies allows investors to be on the edge of the market moves and build effective strategies. Factors that drive the volatility are also technology-dependent. Modern investment is entirely driven by the technical progress these days.

Does Pavel Belogour recommend short-term or long-term investment strategies?

Short-term investment is more related to the currency trading while long-term is better for those who want to invest in Financial Products. If you are looking for sharp trading – currency market is for you. If the longer investment is your choice, then financial products such as Shares and Mutual Funds are there for you.