What is Marketing Automation?

With the omnipresent push towards digital systems in every industry, it was inevitable that the marketing industry would follow suit and also be replaced with an automated solution. And though the human element hasn’t been removed from the equation completely (yet), Marketing Automation has effectively become one of the most powerful tools to get your brand noticed in today’s time, especially for small businesses that can’t afford a dedicated marketing department. Why is it so effective? Here are five reasons:

1 – Data available for analysis

The biggest asset marketing automation brings to the table is analysis data of advertisement campaigns. Gone are the days when advertisers would run around collecting consumer data, be it using surveys, focus groups or advertisement history. Nowadays, even a half decent marketing automation software could give you a comprehensive report on your advertisement campaigns, clearly highlighting which parts worked and who they worked on, so you’re prepared to plan a better one the next time around.

2 – Personalized messaging is very effective

A great feature that marketing automation software provides is personalized messaging. According to a recent study by Allegra, around 75% of customers respond favorably to an advertisement campaign if it were personalized for them according to their past behaviors. Having software on hand that’s able to pick up on a consumer likes and dislikes and automatically generate a marketing strategy that would work well best in convincing him to trust your brand is a tool that does half the work of a marketing specialist. And when work is saved on the human end, the whole process is faster and smoother as a result.

3 – Retain your customers

Using marketing automation software is a great way to keep tables on your current customer base and even let you make them want to stick around your brand for longer. Sure, new leads and markets are interesting to explore, but holding onto your previous customers will have a far greater advantage on your brand in the long run. And with marketing automation software at your disposal monitoring customer satisfaction, dealing with feedback, managing personalized services and messaging has never been easier.

4 – Effective email marketing

No one likes their inbox bombarded with spam email, which is why the old practice of sending widespread emails to advertise your brand has become a thing of the past. However, it would seem that with the help of marketing automation software, it would seem email marketing is back on the rise, though the way an email automation toolkit goes around it is very different. Instead of indiscriminately sending out messages to everyone, the software can send emails when triggered by a response on the side of the user (like when he’s unsubscribing from your newsletter for example). This subtler approach to email marketing avoids unnecessary spam and thus make the process more efficient.

5 – Improve your social media outreach

The best marketing automation solutions all offer a way to monitor and control your social media activity for your brand right from the software itself. This way you’re not only able to control your campaign directly, but you’re also able to see the results in real time, and so can fix any mistakes as they arrive. Which can sometimes be a true lifesaver?