Use the Tech at Your Fingertips to Make Money

They say money can’t buy happiness and the best things in life are free, but let’s face it; having money is a lot better than not having money. Most of us are partial to the finer things in life, but not all of us can afford it.

Today we’re going to look at ways to make a little extra cash so that we can take the weight of paying bills off our shoulders and treat ourselves to something nice. Read also: How to make money online in 2020

Share Your Knowledge

The internet is a treasure trove of money making opportunities. If you’re even a little bit tech savvy, there are plenty of ways to generate a side income. Our first suggestion is to consider whether or not you have a particular skill that you can pass on to someone else.

Perhaps you are a make-up artist who knows specific techniques to hide scars or enhance features? Or maybe you’re a computer whiz who can guide someone along the road to becoming a programmer? Or maybe you know more about a certain period of history than anyone else and you’re willing to share your knowledge? If this sounds like you, then how about creating an online course and sharing it on YouTube or selling it on a website like Udemy? All you need is a good camera and a decent microphone to make video tutorials.

Media technology has advanced to the point where it no longer costs a fortune to purchase professional grade equipment that will make your videos look and sound amazing. And if your course includes reading materials and quizzes, you can find open source course builders that will help you create a professional looking curriculum (a downloadable PDF just doesn’t cut it anymore).

Play to Win

Another way to generate income is to play online casino games. This route is a little more risky, of course, because you have to spend money first and there are no guarantees of winning. However, if you stick to a budget and you take the time to thoroughly research the games you’d like to play, you could find yourself making a pretty penny.

Online poker players, for example, have been known to do so well in tournaments that they then quit their days jobs and play poker full time! All you need is a decent mobile device or laptop and you’re away. We suggest that you search for recommended new mobile casinos on solid review sites like

Speculate to Generate

If the above suggestions don’t fit your profile, have you thought about exploring the wild world of Blockchain? Blockchain technology is still in its early stages, meaning its full potential has yet to be revealed. If you’re willing to put the time into researching Blockchain and its possible applications, you could hit on an idea on par with the internet itself.

Alternatively, you could invest in cryptocurrency and become a cryptocurrency speculator. The value of currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum has fluctuated wildly over the past couple of years. Huge fortunes have been made and lost. Cryptocurrency speculation is not for the faint of heart, but it does have the potential to turn a few spare dollars into a hefty nest egg if you play your cards right.

Give Your Opinion

A really easy way to make money using the technology you have at home –namely your computer or mobile device- is to take part in online questionnaires or contribute to review sites. You won’t make a fortune doing this kind of work, but you could add an extra couple of hundred dollars to your monthly budget. The most appealing aspect to this kind of money-making scheme is that it isn’t taxing on the brain after a long day at work.

We’ve given you just a sprinkling of ideas on how to make some easy money, but we’re sure if you put your mind to it, you’ll think of a whole host more. Our aim is to inspire you but it’s up to you to get the actual ball rolling.