Thinking to launch a gambling website? Do you know which web hosting to go for? Wondering which web hosting to rely on? The online gambling industry is taking giant strides. If you are the one who wants to jump forward and start a gambling website, this is the better time to go for. But before leaping further, you have to be familiar with the ins and outs of the web hosting companies.

With the high-end competition at its place, it has become a daunting task to find a steady host. Even the speed comes into picture when considering to host your gambling website. Few hosting companies don’t allow gambling related content on their servers. So it is vital to know which websites to go for. Gambling sites like Gamblersbet.comcan use web hosting among the lists below mentioned as a handy map.

Choose the best hosting companies with these quick checklists

Before digging further it is better to keep an eye on the following guidelines

    • First things first, the hosting companies need to permit to have gambling niche websites
    • There should be high-speed performance
    • A stable website with minimum or no downtime
    • Updated security features and support latest PHP versions
    • Accessible and manageable WordPress platform
    • Enhanced options like VPS management when the analytics of the site scales up
  • Responsive support with good quality

Aesthetic Gambling hosting companies

The below list of gambling sites is reliable and responsive in hosting gambling content.


A Netherlands based hosting provider founded in 2012. It specializes in providing reliable hosting services at affordable prices. It guarantees fully customizable requirements with fully-blown data integrity.

Services it provides

    • Website migration
    • Anti DDoS Protection
  • Server management and Colocation

Their friendly and committed staff assist them in any issues relating to the hosting. They even give free advice on

    • Website design
    • Online marketing and
  • Business development

They host their websites with the aim of providing the highest quality service with minimum pricing features. They even have payment options like Paypal, Bitcoin, AltCoin, Bank transfer, WebMoney, iDeal among others. The minimum and the most affordable plan starts from $6.73 and goes up to expensive featured that costs $258.57 dollars.


Want to launch a gambling website, but looking out places where, to begin with? Siteground is the place with its premium features. This has started by a group of entrepreneurs who has a crazy idea that leads the path. As the team is all about the customer-centric they are available for 365/24/7 on chat, ticket or phone. Friendly and proficient who are always eager to help their clients. Like a fighter jet, they are extremely fast in providing their services. Customer satisfaction can be gained only when they are part of the company culture and Siteground can be proven for this.

Features it provides

    • It has come with auto-renew specifications and a free SSL configuration.
    • Updated MySQL and CURL  along with he quicker PHP7+ version
    • AutoScalable Cloud hosting which is suitable for high-performing websites
    • It is helpful in designing and developing novel versions for your stage environment
    • Continuous monitoring of security and preventing them is their motto
  • Merged with and provide best site-building software world over

Pricing structure

The special price starts from $3.95 per month and extends to $11.95/month


Whether your need for a website is for authentic, fast and cost-effective then eUKHost is the solution for you. They professionally manage your website with

    • 365/24/7 support
    • Hardware performance
    • No hidden costs
    • SSD storage capacity varied from 30GB to 240 GB
  • There is a money back guarantee

They are various services in their bucket list for businesses, individuals, developers and public sector organizations. More than 35,000  customers rely on them with 150 domain all over the world. If you are in the digitalized world, staying current and secure is crucial. For this, they are backed by WHOIS privacy settings, malware scanner. Protect your spam emails with spam experts. Combining all these they can be rated as the best gambling hosting platform.

Price – Basic plan starts from $4.39. The expensive plan is $712.11/month.


Slotegrator is one of the popular gambling software providers. You can afford to have a trustworthy with high-speed casino hosting. Their hosting is mainly for online gambling. You can design and customize your own website that fits your purpose. Their motto is to create a world-class i-Gaming industry. Integrate the licenced casino software for better gaming experience for your clients. They provide solutions for White label, Bitcoin, and telegram casinos.


    • Excellent security feature with anti-virus casino domain provider
    • stable and steady servers
    • 24/7 services for their customers
    • High bandwidth and fully customizable plans
  • Demand for desired CPU, disc space, and RAM

Sounds great right!! Just be amazed by another feature that is- it provides MoneyGrater which is your gateway for payment solutions. Here you can combine multiple payments into a single tool.


Want to have a website that is secured, active and fast, Dream host is the solution for it. It is cost-effective for a newbie and a friendly website. It is recommended by to go with. With its flexible control panel, it doesn’t take a long time to know why the ratings for the hostings are an absolute match. The renewal process is simple and the uPtime is an excellent answer for this. They provide all kinds of niche websites along with gambling games. They are flexible for their users to host a range of content topics.

The entry-level plan starts at $2.59/mo and has a great pricing strategy. With a minimum upgraded prices, even the Linux VPS packages are available.


Fozzy, a Delaware based hosting provider grown rapidly in recent years. They have their hosting networks all over. Be it Asia, Europe, US etc and data centres in the Netherlands, Singapore, Luxembourg, India, Russia and the US. This is a great platform for the gambling industry. They have a customizable plan with a transparent pricing structure. This even offers an extra disk space.  The payment options for this varies from

    • Cards– Visa, Master card, and Maestro
    • PayPal
    • Mobile
    • Bank transfer
  • Gift cards – Subway, Dollar general and Openbucks

Price–  They have a decent price starting with shared hosting programs from $3.37 per month and extends to $ 125/month and $180 for windows.

Web hosts to avoid

The following web hosts have dime a dozen and Unacceptable content topics and one among them is gambling

    • Hostgator
    • Bluehost and
  • Godaddy

Though you can stay under the radar you always have the risk of being banned.


The above-mentioned web hosting companies are powerful with their own benefits. They provide great security, flexibility and high-speed with the pricing structure at this dime. These web hosting sites stand out among the others in the market. Their cutting-edge technology ensures a great success on their way for web hostings.