Bigcommerce is a great ecommerce platform that you can sell your products online. They are a very robust platform that allows you to sell, market, and maintain your online presence easily. The question that comes into play is, what happens if you offer a services outside of selling products. This is where you might need a secondary application where you can send custom invoices for the work you are doing. Minterapp has become a great tool Bigcommerce store owners can use to manage jobs, send estimates, send invoices, and get paid by Paypal or Stripe.

Here are some examples of companies using Minterapp to send custom invoices:

Paintball Gun Stores

Paintball Stores sell their guns online but they also offer other services or event packages for outings to play paintball on their courses. These are very customized orders and you can see how you can easily create this invoice with Minterapp. To sell your products and paintball guns directly, just use your online web store to sell. You can get some nice paintball gun templates out in the market today for a good cost.

This invoice gets sent directly to your client and they have the ability to pay by credit card online. You can even allow them to pay a 50% deposit on the event.


We also have many Bigcommerce florists that are enjoying using Minterapp for their custom invoices for events for weddings and other parties.  This gives them the ability to look very professional and build a nice custom quote for their clients.

Minterapp has a free forever plan which will allow you to send unlimited invoices to 3 clients.  This way you can test drive the platform to see if this is a good fit for you and your company. Do not forget to send any feedback as this is a growing platform and we are trying to make sure this solves your business needs!


Photographers deal with with two important things. Custom Quotes for jobs, and selling picture packages after they have completed their pictures and edited them. Bigcommerce is great for selling of the picture packages, but when you need to send a custom quote, things start getting harder. You might need to send an invoice through Paypal or request a paper check. That is time consuming and hard to manage when you start getting really big. That is where Minterapp can help you send custom invoices. So you can now have  your Shopify template, and use Minterapp for your selling of custom services.


This is a great platform but like all, there are limitations. The best thing is you can use Minterapp as as addon to Bigcommerce and now start setting up custom invoices to your clients without an issue. So get a website template for you business and partner up with Minterapp. Give them a try and start making more money by using tools that can help you save you time.