Note taking is very important for every writer and every now and then you might find yourself wondering which app is best for note taking. Besides writers like every other person might find themselves wanting to record details of stuff.

Thanks to technological advancement you won’t be needing a lot of books to do that. Below we take a look at the best note taking apps for writers though they also work for non-writers. The below best note taking apps can also be used by gamblers for writing down the type of games they plan to play at a casino such as  

The First Best Note Taking App Is Your Phone

Your smartphone camera can be used as a note taking app. Yes very few people know that but taking a picture with your smartphone is a perfect way of capturing information easily and very quickly.

Moreover most smartphones are synced to cloud accounts that is your notes are also backed up in the event that you lose your phone. Though it’s fast and usually close to you it may not be a good idea for those who prefer to just write.

Simplenote App 

The Simplenote is an app for both android users, iOS and can also be accessed through a web app. It is designed especially for those who prefer taking texts notes and with Simplenote you can’t keep webpages and clippings.  

Evernote App

Evernote is one of the most popular note taking app available today especially for real money online casinos. The logo summarises the app well. It has an elephant head for a reason, it is an “everything bucket”. With Evernote app you can store just about any type of digital note with your phone, web browser or desktop.

The Relatively New Note Taking App Google Keep

The Google Keep was especially designed for people who want to quickly capture what is on their mind. It’s free, colourful and compatible with many android devices. You can use it to create notes, lists which are stored on Google Drive.