Over the last decade, the real estate industry has experienced a drastic change in marketing patterns. Buyers and sellers are now exploring online marketing platforms. For instance, a client intending to buy a property today is likely to begin their search online. If it were a while back, they would be forced to visit real estate agents’ physical locations in search of what they want. 

On the same wavelength, real estate agents have been compelled to alter their marketing mindset. Today, small and large real estate businesses reap sweet benefits from marketing their products and services online. There are many real estate marketing tools available for realtors. Here, we will discuss five top-rated apps to help you make a cutting-edge in the industry. 

Facebook and Instagram

Facebook and Instagram can significantly improve your real estate business if done correctly. That is the reason more and more realtors are venturing into social media marketing. According to the 2019 RE Report by The Made in America Movement, 81.1% of real estate agents and brokers have made Facebook their chief marketing tool. 

So, how can Facebook and Instagram transform your business? Studies show that Facebook has over 2.4 billion active users every month. Instagram, another lucrative social media channel, has over 1 billion active monthly users. As such, these are the online platforms that would best increase your visibility. Millions of videos and photos are shared by Instagram users each day. 

These posts can generate instant and massive comments and likes from viewers. Therefore, it makes Facebook and Instagram the best way to engage potential customers and to showcase your offers. The two also offer the advantage of reaching a young and rich audience. 

Even so, marketing on Facebook and Instagram won’t bring you instant ROI. It takes time and effort to create and upload valuable content online. Although it is a low-priced strategy, it exposes you to the risk of negative publicity. 

Wise Pelican

Grant Muller of Living Spaces posits that “We love working with Wise Pelican. Wise Pelican are efficient and creative and quick. Our farm area understands about us through our regular mailing, and we often receive compliments about the design!” This testimonial indicates the effectiveness of Wise Pelican in the real estate industry. 

Wise Pelican specializes in designing and customizing postcard templates for real estate agents. These postcards may be sent to existing or potential customers through emails or direct mail. According to Harvard Business Review, direct mail marketing has a quicker response time than emails. However, they have found out that direct mails are much more expensive than emails – up to 100 times more. Sending your postcards through emails is also cheap and speedy. 

Whether sent by direct mail or email, postcard templates for real estate agents can be highly effective in marketing your real estate business. Firstly, they are highly scannable and quick to read. They are also more effective, convenient and cheaper to produce than other marketing strategies such as billboards. 

Besides that, they can reach a pretty broad audience since they can be quickly passed from one person to another. However, there are a few cons about postcards that you need to know. They often fail to create anticipation among customers who consider them as just another form of advertisement. Also, they produce fewer opportunities for user engagement with the readers.

Zillow Premier Agent App

According to the Zillow Group chief business officer, Greg Schwartz, the Zillow Premier Agent App was specifically developed for real estate agents. It is meant to help realtors to capture leads quickly and respond to inquiries faster. It also manages your reviews, listings in addition to organizing your incoming leads. It keeps you posted on property info and contacts while on the go. 

In fact, the Zillow Premier Agent App can read out an incoming contact to you while you are driving. Nancy Robbers, a real estate writer at Zillow Group, feels that the Zillow Premier Agent App is the best tool for realtors to grow their businesses, close more sales and build stronger teams. 

What makes the premier agent app unique is that it connects the buyer and the seller in real-time – helps you cut the chase. You are in contact with your clients at all times and across all networks. In addition to keeping you organized, the app enables you to track your performance. 


With over 335 million global users, Twitter is one of the world’s largest social media platforms. But, is twitter an ideal marketing tool for real estate agents? According to the digital marketing expert Tyler Zey, Twitter can be quite challenging to navigate compared to other sites such as Pinterest and Facebook. However, Twitter can be an excellent marketing tool for real estate agents if appropriately used. 

You must learn how to create engaging content on your Twitter account. The goal here is to create engagement with readers. Besides that, make sure you reply to questions promptly and ensure that as many people retweet your posts as possible. If you want your audience to resonate with what you post, let the content be local. Your images, for instance, should have local hashtags. Twitter will enable you to broaden your customer base since it reaches a broad audience. It is cost-effective and allows you to engage with your clients. 


Research indicates that Youtube is the leading online stage for buyers seeking to purchase real estate properties. Further, many people will retain at least 55% of the information they see in a video, while much of what they hear or read is lost. Therefore, Youtube is an opportunity you should grab immediately as a real estate agent. Although videos are extremely important in the real estate industry, only about 9% of agencies utilize the platform. 

Youtube videos are a great strategy to showcase what you are offering. Your customers will have an opportunity not just to hear what you have to offer but also to see and scrutinize it. This platform can generate quick sales and leads if your videos are appealing and professional. Studies show that Youtube videos can generate four times more leads than other social media platforms. 


All the above marketing or promotional tools are ideal for the real estate business. But it can be impossible to use all of them at once. Focus on one or two that suit you best. Whichever platform you choose, ensure that the message is professional, simple, and engaging.