Our J.O. Social media team attended an introduction course on Instagram marketing and shared the best top five takeaways. Talking about the recent development of TikTok, giving a lot of details based on this new platform, There are the top five different takeaways for TikTok marketing. They are explained below for reference: 

1.Understand Everything About Users:

Do you know that there are around 800 million active TikTok users globally per month, and the platform’s video has one billion views?

Yes! The world’s most valuable startup app, TikTok is launched in September 2016, where it has witnessed rapid growth in popularity. In 2019, the TikTok received over $115 million from every user who is spending their valuable time on. TikTok app shows as precisely a fast-developing platform that a brand needs to enjoy its benefit. 

Some of the interesting facts that every user needs to understand from the TikTok statistics are approximately 50% of the global audience below the age of 34, 26% between 18 and 24 years. At last, the massive 90% of TikTok users check the app more than once daily. The primary factor is that TikTok’s audience is widespread globally, chiefly young, and active on the social media platforms.  

2.Think Wise to Make your Post:

Always remember some factors while posting content on social media to receive brand recognition and engagement. The best way is to get the users’ focus by making appealing and creative graphics and videos that are not much harder to implement on TikTok. To withstand their direction, be sure to reduce it with flooding users with videos that seem to look like advertisements. The most successful brands on TikTok use this app with more original, humorous, and relevant ideas. Also, checking at the TikTok analytics helps to know when your users are active and where your audience is present. Take notice and post your content more strategically!

3.Always Connect with Users And Grasp the Trends:

The social media platform need not just meant to be the one-way track of information that runs only from the brands and their ads. TikTok not only responds to the users’ comments and responses but also engage their users with leading contests and giveaways that they can actively ask their participation. Thus the app seems to work like a two-way highway with a six-lane road. 

The primary approach for TikTok marketing is to implement the platform as a path to make a strong brand image. #HashtagChallenge, memes, dances, and other content trends are the best to follow as they stimulate engagement and make brand equality. 

4.Check your Growth Factors:

Think about how your brand has been growing? If you still haven’t measured its performance? Then, check back the growth on TikTok, which is essential for the brands to update their accounts to a Pro TikTok. Thus this feature will unlock the capacity to view analytics and estimates the content performance within TikTok. 

With TikTok being relatively new to social media, you may need to check out the industry’s growing feature on the platform and other social media trends. As a developing platform, you need to work with the significant effects of engagement and performance, essential for strategic marketing. Considering the leading growth factors such as organically boosting your real TikTok Likes, make your video look appealing to the audience!

5.Make a Record of Supreme Practice:

The general methods to market your brand consists of aligning your campaign across the different social media channels. The publicity in recent times using the platforms, where the content made on the TikTok platform can be shared using cross-platform sharing to the Instagram stories or the Twitter news feed. These include arranging your creative content with your objectives, targeting your craft with the concern to content and video production, attracting your users with the cute captions and niche, and trying to brace back your imaginative ideas on routine!

In a nutshell, 4% of the U.S social media marketers work on the platform. TikTok is extraordinarily the best option for every marketer and company to share their brands with the world.